Customer Love <3

Customer Love <3

Spread Good Cheer With Lapel Pins

"This entirely volunteer Christmas gift-giving program, sponsored and coordinated by Child and Family Services, Inc. State Office, began in 1971 by individuals who [...]

Featuring Our Customer: Hostile Company Supply

Tell Us About Your Company Hostile Company Supply ( "We Ship Products and Get in Fights." What inspired you? We realized that the [...]

Featuring Our Customer: Preston from Sent From Him Apparel

If you are looking for meaningful apparel, designed with a story and purpose, you should check our good friend's website : SFH Apparel [...]

Woven Labels For Rugs

As we know woven labels work great not only for clothing and apparel but for home accessories as well. Meet our customer [...]

We Love to Help Our Customers Show Their Love!

Love is in the air! When the world around us is so hectic and chaotic, we may forget the amazing things that are [...]

These Lapel Pins Will Boost Your Energy

When the king of all coffee shops asks you to make a lapel pin in the shape of a coffee bean, you might [...]

Woven Tags for a T-Shirt Apparel Company

Stuart Church Apparel Woven Damask Labels A 5/8″ x 2″ damask woven label, center folded. A simple but bold 2-color logo made as [...]

Women are Sacred – Safety for Native Women

We produced two fantastic patches for this non-profit organization. We were honored they chose us to partner with for their patches and labeling, [...]

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PVC Labels Case Study – One Color, Awesome Look

With one mold and using only one color, you can achieve a nice and elegant subdued look that will nevertheless cause an impact to the wearer. See it to believe it!

Wild Cherries and Coffee? Absolutely!

Featuring Our Customer – You Knotty Dog

We've added a new label to our list of labels created for doggy loving companies. We are excited to welcome and have You [...]

Full Branding For InkAddict

A brand of apparel with a specific target audience: Those who create tattoo art and those who appreciate tattoo art. InkAddict is a [...]

Featuring our Customer – American 300 Tours

We have Great Customers, and it is our Honor to Feature one of our Greatest - American 300 Tours There are so many [...]

Featuring HEIGHT LIFE – A Lifestyle Apparel Company

About HEIGHT LIFE Marcus Edwards started this great new apparel company. The idea began to develop when HE was in high school. People [...]

Kimimila New York – Beautiful Childrens Clothing Line in NYC

"I never get tired of Sewing in my Label!" Words spoken by the owner and designer for Kimimila New York, Cathy Huber. Cathy [...]

Featuring BubbaBowWow – Fun Accessories and Apparel for your dog

Our Pooches are People Too! Bubba BowWow is bringing a sense of fashion to our four legged best friends. They offer a variety [...]

Featuring Nativa Fine Mexican Clothing

The Art of Handmade Textiles...still exists; just ask Nativa Fine Mexican Clothing. Native Fine Mexican Clothing prides itself on working and preserving their [...]

Featuring our Client – The Extreme Cruiser

One of the great things we have discovered as we started this campaign of featuring our clients, is how extremely diverse they are. [...]

Featuring Natya Porter – A New York based Fashion Designer

This Georgian born New York based designer certainly has an eye for exquisite style and glamour as evident when you see her exclusive [...]

Featuring Ebony Majestic Clothing

Aubrey R. Jemmott is the founder and owner of Ebony Majestic Clothing; A New York City based clothing business. Born in the streets [...]

Featuring Lord Wallington, Men's Lifestyle Clothing

About LORD WALLINGTON Born in 2012, this San Diego based company is inspired by their passion and love for the aesthetic, Lord Wallington [...]

Featuring Round Table – "Where the Bosses Meet"

We are thrilled to be working with this new company that launched in 2013 - The Round Table Apparel Company. Their Mission Statement [...]

Featuring our Customer: CCADesign by Caroline Driggs

The marketplace for men's accessories and fashion tends to be somewhat conservative and traditional. From suits and ties to formal wear and casual [...]

Earn More from Crafts By Building Relationships Instead of Sales

There just isn't a good image of salesmen this day and age. The word 'salesman' brings up images of Jack Lemmon from Glengarry [...]

Make Your Own Backpacks and Save, Sell, Smile

We're a couple months into the school year and your kid's backpack has seen better days. Why not make your own? With some [...]

Introducing one of our Incredible Customers: "The Information Blanket"

I would like to introduce you to one of our incredible Custom Clothing Label customers. Their enterprise has reached new heights by adopting [...]

Clothing Labels for a Design Studio in NYC: Asenya

Product: Woven Damask Labels Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.5" - Folded to a 1.5" x 0.75" Fold: Center-Fold Special: Stain Black [...]

Woven Labels Case Study: 60FootClothing

Product: Woven Damask Labels Dimensions: 1.5" x 3" - Folded to a 1.5" x 1.5" Fold: Center-Fold Special: Stain Black Background #Colors: 3 [...]

Woven Labels Case Study: Tiny Superheros

Product: Woven Damask Labels Dimensions: 1.5" x 3" - Folded to a 1.5" x 1.5" Fold: Center-Fold Special: Pure White Background [...]

Woven Labels Case Study:

Originally, Our Client from was looking for 1.5"x0.5" satin printed labels, but after consulting with our sales reps, it was obvious that [...]