PVC – Rubber – Silicone Labels

Ideal for jackets, bags, backpacks and jeans, Soft PVC Labels are a truly versatile option for your products, providing a unique high-end look.

clothing labels - soft pvc labels
Soft PVC Labels can be made to your specifications based on our ability to accurately translate your design, logo or idea into the medium of PVC modeling for translation to our computer controlled CNC Mold Cutting machines.

Send us your logo or idea, and our expert graphic designers will create a beautiful design for you, and in only 3 weeks after you approve the art, you will have in your hands a high quality, beautiful looking PVC Label..

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Top 5 Reasons To Use Soft PVC Clothing Labels

  1. Make your products stand out from the competition. Soft PVC Labels are great to
    create unique 2D and 3D Designs.
  2. Think outside the box. Custom shape of your pvc labels at no extra cost.
  3. Get your logo YOUR WAY. PMS Color Matching is available at NO COST, your logo, your colors.
  4. Don’t change your production method. If you need it, your PVC Labels will have a
    sewing gutter that will make the attachment to your product a breeze.
  5. Great Rough Wear and Outdoor Products. Used for Sporting goods, clothing and canvas products.


  • black squares pvc label

    Danielle Smith – Black Square PVC

    5 Stars Great response time and detailed explanation of the process. Great customer service and I’m very happy with the finished product.
    Danielle Smith – Yonkers, NY

  • delta leash pvc label

    Colin LaGarde – Delta Leash – Rectangular PVC Label

    Becky Liuchan is a dream to work with. She bends over backwards for me, even though I’m a tiny account. Becky is what has kept me coming back to Linx three times in a row now, and will keep me coming back for my future needs. The art department is also extremely talented and the finished product is a great value. Colin. Denali Lead.
    Colin LaGarde – Delta Leash – New Orleans, LA

  • Lobster Stitch pvc label

    Kelsey Barrion Spiny Lobster Stitch Works – Oval Shaped PVC Label

    The PVC labels are great and even though, as a small business we don’t go through a lot of them, we really do like them. They hold up well in the marine application on our canvas work – they don’t hardly fade and the salt water doesn’t alter them at all.
    Kelsey Barrion Spiny Lobster Stitch Works – Monterey, CA

  • clear pvc label

    Dijon King Views by LiVE – Clear PVC Labels

    Great product turnout.. very nice detailing. Very personable design process. Victoria, who assisted me was very accessible and patient with me on getting my ideas across. Turned out perfect #vfv?? #LiVE??
    Dijon King Views by LiVE – Suitland, MD

  • 6Sixty Apparel - Tiny PVC Label

    Justin Oho – 6Sixty Apparel – Tiny PVC Labels

    We are very pleased with the way our pvc labels turned out. When we added it to our walk shorts it was the final touch we needed to make our shorts awesome! As we say in Hawaii, Much Mahalos!!!
    Justin Oho – 6Sixty Apparel – Hawaii, HI

  • lobster stitch pvc label

    Kelsey Barrion – Spiny Lobster Stitch Works – PVC Labels

    Your staff is very courteous and easy to work with. They respond promptly to emails and always have the answers. I hadn’t talked to Dan in over a year, but when I sent the old order number to him and asked for another batch, he knew exactly what I was talking about and made all the necessary adjustments.
    Kelsey Barrion – Spiny Lobster Stitch Works – Monterey, CA

  • clear pvc labels
    One of the coolest features of pvc products is the versatility in the colors we can use.
    We are not sure but the truth is that a clear PVC label has a “cool” effect on people. I think the cool thing about it is that this product in particular has a high-end professional level associated with it. A couple of years ago, no-one thought a product like this – molded PVC products- could be at the reach of small businesses, but only reserved for the larger corporate products.

    The truth is that is not true anymore. Hundreds of our customers are now using PVC labels in their products, with a low minimum quantity of 100 pieces!

  • 1 Mold - 2 label

    PVC Labels: 1 Mold, 2 Styles

    Our customer needed some PVC labels to complete the branding elements for his products. The challenge was that he needed it to be in different colors.

    No problem! We can re-use the mold made for his labels, and simply change the PVC colors filling the mold, and voila!, a new label is created.

    Now you can have different labels that will match all items of your product line, as in this case, a clear and a black background.

    Great money saver tip, so our customers can create different color versions of their PVC labels.

  • for outdoor baby items

    PVC Labels FOR baby items? Aren’t they a little bit bulky for a baby product?

    Our customers at SnugTheory produce items that keep babies warm in the most inclement weather conditions. The babies are bundled and safe in the weather-proof buntings, which also are attached to the car-seat/stroller and include mittens and a faux-feather hoodie.

    We recommended PVC instead of woven labels, and they work great for them, attached to the outside of the product, increases the visibility of the brand itself, not only for the wearer but the public in general, and a standard damask label would have usually be located in the inside of it.

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What’s The Fuss with Soft PVC Labels?

Does my label have to be in a rectangular shape?
In short no. You can choose any shape for your label. Just take into consideration that if you are going to to sew your label to your product, then a shape with few sharp corners is best. For self-adhesive labels, any shape is best.
How many colors does my label need to be, and can you match my colors?
Your rubber labels can have as many colors as you want, but price does increase with the amount of colors so you will have to take that into consideration. We can match your color closely but there is no such things as 100% certainty in color matching.
Can my labels be made of only one color?
Yes, it is amazing how singled colored labels look like. The subtle but clear shapes and designs stand out on their own.
How can I attach soft rubber labels to my products
You can sew them in ( that’s what our sewing channel is for ) or stick them with your 3M self adhesive backing which is recommended to products that will not be washed often.
Can you make my labels in 1mm thick?
The minimum thickness we can guarantee a label to be is 1.5mm, all the way up to 4.0mm although the most common thickness is 2.5mm.
Do you provide clear or transparent PVC colors?
Yes, we can and have manufactured many labels on a transparent background, tinted or not, ask your Sales Rep about it.

Why PVC Labels are an excellent choice for bags / backpacks

Branding on bags and backpacks is usually located on the outside of the bag, and due to the use and handling, these labels are exposed to many items and situations that could deteriorate them.

A standard clothing label is made of woven threads, and they are very resistant, and they are usually located in the inside of the products, where they are ‘kept safe’ from the exterior. Iron on woven labels can be easily applied to the exterior of your products.

You could also use digitally printed labels, especially if your logo is very complex and it has gradients. You could get printed satin labels, printed cotton labels, heat transfer labels or even a woven ribbon.

A PVC label will resist fading and any use an/d abuse our bags can be subject to, they can resist high temperatures and they won’t get entangled with anything, as they don’t have any threads.

The “Cool” Factor of PVC Labels is….

The coolest quality of PVC labels is the ability to create 2 and 3 dimensional designs.

Using 2-D PVC labels, you can design your labels in layers, you can have some elements sunken and other ones raised at one level and some other ones at a higher label. As long as you keep the total height of the label at our standard thickness, your price will stay the same.

3-D PVC labels are made of elements which have a ‘domed’ relief, giving it a unique feeling and look. Mold fees for 3-dimensional labels are usually higher than the mold fees for 2-dimensional labels.

By default, our rubber PVC labels include a sewing channel, which is a little indentation near the border of the labels, a little bit thinner than the rest of the labels, making it much easier for sewing.

Do you want to know more about using PVC labels for your products? Give us a call: 1.88.720.2115, or send a free quote request, our sales representatives will get back to you within 24 hours in most cases.

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If you are thinking about ordering your custom products, just click on the button below, our expert Sales Reps will get back to you within 24 business hours and guide you through every step of the process.