Custom Leather Patches & Labels

Custom leather patches and labels give a High Quality look to your products with an organic touch. They are mostly used on hats, jackets, purses or backpacks!

When you need something made that’s just right for you we can help – our fully customizable options let designers take advantage of the debossed design option which gives their logo a more in-depth appearance while color fills highlight certain areas giving them maximum impact as well!

Custom Shaped Leather Label
Debossed Premium Leather Patch
Debossed Premium Leather Patch
Leather Logo Label
Leather Logo Label
Color filled Patch with recessed areas
Color filled Patch with recessed areas
Custom Embossed Leather Patch
Custom Embossed Leather Patch
Custom shaped-leather patch
Custom shaped-leather label
Laser Cut leather patch
Laser Cut leather patch
Custom Logo Patches and Labels
Custom Logo Patches and Labels for Hats, Jackets and apparel

Customization Options

Custom patches and labels are suitable promotional products that can be added to almost any item not only by sewing them but also with the aid of a number of backing options.

Sew-on (by hand or using a sewing machine)
Stick-on (Self-adhesive)
hook and loop
Hook and Loop (Hook and loop)
Iron On

Where Can You Use Your Patches?

leather patches for hats

for Hats

Place them anywhere you want: on the front of the cap, the sides, wherever you find room!

The most common size if from 1″ to 2.5″, and the best one will depend on the size of your hat’s bill.

leather patches for jackets

for Jackets

There is so much room on a jacket. Place them on the lapel, the front pocket, shoulder or back.

For the front of the jacket, your patches can range from 1″-3″. Leather patches are a little sturdy, so you want to keep them on the smaller side.

hook and loop pactches for backpacks

for Backpacks

Many backpacks manufacturers put their logo or name on leather patches at the upper front.

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Nothing like an US based personalized leather patches supplier with more than 15 years now helping businesses all around the country build their brand’s image.

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How to Make Leather Patches or Leather Labels for Hats?

  1. Measure Your Hat’s “display” area.
  2. Design your logo to fit on this size.
  3. Decide on logo imprint process: Do you like the laser engraved, debossed with color, embossed or printed look?
  4. Decide on the color of the leather
  5. Choose your material: Do you like the real leather, or PU faux leather?
  6. Contact Us. (size, style, material, quantity and design needed)
  7. Approve your Art Proof (1-3 business days)
  8. Approve your Leather Patch Sample
  9. Enjoy your Patches!
linx embossed leather patches

Embossed Leather Patches

Your logo will look amazing wherever you put your embossed leather patches. The 3D look that the embossing provides, paired up with color filling, will make your logo really pop on the leather.

This is a great way to get your patches noticed!

Our Customers Love Our Leather Patches!

  • Embroidered Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Always a quality product and reordering is VERY easy!"
  • Woven Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Excellent customer service excellent product, They work to make things right even though it was the customers screw up. Paragon of excellence."
  • Leather Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Great Prices, Fast Service, Fast Shipping, No Funny Business, What you see is what you get. They price they quote is the price we paid. Do Business Here!"


What Materials Do You Use?

We make leather patches in both real leather and PU leather, as well as Suede.

What Are My Options for My Logo?

We can imprint your logo or design on the patch or label by:
-Debossing Color Filled
-Embossing It

What Colors of Leather Do You Offer?

We can dye your leather patch into almost any colors you want. However, the classy look is our favorite.

What Are The Limitations of My Leather Patch or Leather Label Design?

The most common challenge when imprinting your logo, is the relation Complexity of Design vs Size. As you can imagine, leather material will present imperfections, which also give them that classy look and feel of “no-mass-made” or “artisanal”.

How to Attach a Leather Patch to a Hat?

Leather patches can be sewn on (by hand or using a sewing machine), ironed on, adhered with the peel and stick backing or simply attached and removed whenever you want if you order them with the hook and loop hook and loop system. We have published a complete list of the methods available to attach patches at How to attach patches?

Who uses custom leather patches and/or custom leather labels?

A large variety of businesses use Leather Patch Hats as part of their uniforms, on clothing lines or promotional products. Among them we could mention Breweries, Wood Working companies and building contractors just to name a few! But leather labels aren’t only for corporations: they can also be worn at special events like weddings where people want something more personalized than what you might find in stores near your home town–or even used by brotherhoods looking identify themselves with each other through logos.

Let’s Get Started

If you are thinking about ordering your custom patches, just click on the button below, our expert Sales Reps will get back to you within 24 business hours and guide you through every step of the process.

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