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There are two types of Antique Lapel Pins. On the one hand we have those that are really old or that have been manufactured many years ago and naturally show this kind of rust, sort of oxidation. People like them and seek them because they are like relics, the older the better.

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Common Questions

Where do lapel pins go?

Actually, you can wear lapel pins wherever you want. The most common place on a suit is the lapel obviously but which side? According to the etiquette, they should be worn on the left side near the heart. This is specially mandatory for American Flag lapel pins or pins with a patriotic symbolism.

How lapel pins are made?

In order to make Hard Enamel Pins, manufacturers have to produce first a mold from your art-design, which is like a negative of your pin. This die will be struck several times onto a metal sheet previously heated. Afterwards the pins are cut, polished and painted.
Soft enamel pins are made in the same way, and some times require an epoxy coating. Plastic or Soft Rubber Lapel Pins are made out of PVC with the help of a mold or cast where the material is poured.

How to keep lapel pins from falling off?

When you order lapel pins you can choose among a variety of backings. The most common backing used is the butterfly clutch. Safety pin is used when the item will be in a lot of motion, to guarantee its placement.

Sandblasted Gold Pin

Sandblasted Gold

Antique Gold Pin

Antique Gold

Shiny Gold Sanblasted Pin

Shiny Gold Sanblasted

Antique Silver Pin

Antique Silver

Antique Silver Pin

Shiny Silver

3d cast antique gold pins
Antique Military Lapel Pin – Gold Plated

It was made using antique bronze on a 3D design, to give it a more realistic feel /look. We are sure the US Military Vets Biker Chicks wear it with pride.

US Military Vintage Brooch Pin

Those unfamiliar with the world of motorcycle / biker clubs wear and accessories, might immediate thinks about skulls, rough designs and foul language, well it might be like that for some but not in this case.

One of those is our US Military Vets customer’ who has ordered lapel pins for his organization in the past 7 years, asked us to create a design for the female riders in his club.

The initial design was a rough draft / sketch but that was no small feat for our design team, who worked on it with much care, as it was a really interesting, artistic design.

We can make Custom Lapel Pins that look vintage but they aren’t. Nevertheless, we are not talking about fake antiques, we refer to common lapel pins that are made with an antique finish. People love them because they give their brand or item an authoritative look adding a dark tone that make them seem aged. The antique finish is often combined with sandblasted background and fits perfect with a gold, bronze or silver plating.

Advantages of working with us?

This product is versatile and has a high perceived value. The Antiquing process shows the contrast between the different layers of your image.

Friendly Customer Service
Lowest Price
Gold, Bronze, Silver and Black Nickel Platings
Sample Design in 3 business days
Turnaround time in 3-4 weeks
Unlimited revisions
100 pieces minimum only

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antique lapel pin -gothic
Vintage Lapel Pin

Antique Lapel Pins – Gothic XX

Even if we design and manufacture lapel pins on a daily basis, sometimes we don’t foresee how nice a design will look once the finished product is ready to ship.

When we saw how these die-struck antique pins turned out, the only thing that came to mind was wow, how beautiful they look!

It is great when the right combination of factors, such as size, design, plating and finish is chosen.

These pins resemble the look of pewter pins, which are manufactured using a different process, and sometimes a more expensive one.

We bet the customer is happy with them, and will update once we hear from them 🙂

Ordering Custom Die Struck Antique Lapel Pins

When you want the high quality look with enamel using the die struck process, antique pins will work very well and it will give them a finished and top quality look.

Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!

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