Custom Fabric Stickers - Woven Logo Stickers

Custom Fabric Stickers – Woven Logo Stickers

Our Custom Fabric Stickers are made as a woven patch – or woven label– with an iron-on backing or an adhesive backing. Also known as Die cut woven stickers or appliqués and are made with high quality polyester threads that make them strong.

If you are looking for a classy and unique way to display your company name or logo, we have the answer for you.  Our fabric stickers patches can be die cut to a circle or square or even to the actual shape of the design. 

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Stickers that stick on fabric!

The woven stickers are great to place on a shirt, or bag when you are at a convention or street fair.  Some people use vinyl stickers to display their logo and to give to people as they pass by their booth.  However, if you want your logo to be on something thicker and substantial, we can make your logo into a woven patch/appliqué.

Types of Stickers for Fabric

iron on backing

Iron On

The Iron on backing makes it easier to attach the labels or patches to your cloth, garment or gear. They are more reliable than the self-adhesive.

Even if you will be sewing them, it is still a good idea to add the iron on backing in order to fix them in place before sewing.

peel and stick patches

Stick On

Peel and stick, self adhesive backing is the fastest way to attach your patches without the need of sewing. The down side is that self adhesive labels are likely to fall or separate from the garment at the washing machine.

They are commonly used to differentiate clothing in big families, to identify the members of a staff at events and also as promotional products or giveaway.


Round Woven Patch, with merrow border

Round Woven Patch, with Merrow border


Woven Sticker Patch w/ Merrow Border


Rectangular Woven Patch, with Merrow border

FAQs About Fabric Stickers

Will the Sticker Stick to My Shirt/Product ?

We are very confident of the strength of our adhesive and we recommend it for temporary applications. We do however recommend our customers to test them out themselves and we will gladly send you some samples for you to make sure they will work for your particular application.

Who Uses Fabric Stickers?

Most of the customers we’ve made fabric stickers for are looking for a one-day use identification sticker at an event. That is not to say that the sticker will fall off in one day, as we’ve tested them in items that are not being washed and they have stayed strong for months.

What Type of Material is Used?

This type of sticker is made just like a woven label, by weaving 2 or more threads into a design and shape, and adding an adhesive backing to it, with a peel-off paper behind it.

How are woven better than embroidery patches?

We can make your adhesive sticker patches for clothing as either woven patches or embroidered patches. The reason we choose woven as the best process, especially for iron-on patches is they are thinner and allow a much more even heat transfer than the embroidery process.

Customize Your Logo Stickers

Any Size

As little as 0.5″ or as big as 17″. Your Patch, Your Size.

Any Shape

Use a standard shape or have the patch made to the shape of your design.

Any Color

4-Color Process & Silkscreen Printing can be used to achieve the best results.

Customer Reviews

“The level of detail they can get in an emblem is much higher than other companies. The cost is reasonable and they are easy to work with when it comes to reviewing the artwork and making changes. Good company and I will be using them in the future.”

Jeremy Dyess, Lady LayUp

“I was satisfied 100%.! The experience was really good, the communication with Linx was on point. I just like to say thank you so much for making my project a reality.!”

Danilo Cabral, Intermix Inc.
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Let’s Get Started

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woven vs printed

Woven Labels

The most popular and classic look to brand your clothing line.

woven patches

Woven Patches

Woven will handle intricate detail. Nice details without jump stitches.


Iron on Patches

Embroidered and woven patches with a heatseal backing


Self-Adhesive Fabric Labels

Our Peel and Stick Fabric Labels come with a protective paper and are easy to apply, just like a normal sticker.