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Custom Heat Transfer Labels

Custom heat transfer labels are ideal for heat sensitive materials and heat-sensitive surfaces. They offer a tag-less, custom printed solution that is highly durable and will not peel or fade. The heat transfer label material used by Sienna Pacific is made from polyester fabric which has been laminated to an aluminum substrate with an adhesive backing. This creates a smooth surface on the back of the heat transfer label which prevents bubbling during application as well as air bubbles between the vinyl and your product.

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How to Apply Heat Transfer Labels?

Heat Transfer Labels can be heat pressed in place using a heat press machine or an iron. They are easy to apply and once applied, they will not peel.

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Required Tools:

– A Computer.

Things Needed?

– A WordPress Website.

Steps to Apply Heat Transfer Labels:

preheat your iron

Step 1 – Set Up Your Household Iron or Heatpress

The temperature must be set between 302 and 320°F (150-160°C) for iron or heatpress printing.
WARNING! If the temperature is too low, the design on the label may not be properly transferred to the garment. In contrast, if the temperature is excessively high, the heat transfer label will be more difficult to remove and may cause damage to the garment.
In the scenario you’re utilizing a standard iron, we strongly advise against USIGN STEAM. The dial should also be positioned between the cotton and wool settings.

Step 2 – Place the Sheet or Label…

The transparent Tagless tags allow you to view both sides of your design.
So, there is no need to make a mistake; simply put the label on top with the adhesive backing down.
When you’re using tag-free labels with a white face, the design should be reversed and the face upwards.
WARNING: If you heat the adhesive face directly or put it in the incorrect position, it might adhere to the press and be difficult to remove.

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Step 3 – Press the Label

Place you iron over the fabric and press it for 8-12 seconds (no sweeping motions)
Lower your Heatpress and press for 8 seconds.

How to Make HeatPress Clothing Labels?

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