Hats, Caps and Beanies – They Need Labeling!


Hats is such a generic word for such an incredibly wide array of artistry for us all to place on our heads. There are Fedora’s, Beanies, Top Hats, Berets, Pork Pies, Derby, Western, Ball Caps, and that is just to name a few! Other than adorning the heads of millions of fashion savvy people, hats have one thing in common. That is, that every hat needs a Custom Woven Label.

Here we are showing just one of the mass of labels we produce for hat companies. UNA, is the name of a hat company in Los Angeles that features a specialty designer that creates both men’s and women’s hats. The designers taste for clean lines and graphic shapes and the mix of unique textures and patterns is evident with each of these incredible hats.

The simple and understated label created for this line of unique hats shows that simplicity is elegant.

If you are a designed of hats; whether it be a beanie or a ball cap, it is important to promote your artistry by complimenting it with a custom label.

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