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Custom Labels for Hats

“Hat” is such a generic word for such an incredibly wide array of artistry for us all to place on our heads. There are Fedora’s, Beanies, Top Hats, Berets, Pork Pies, Derby, Western, Ball Caps, and that is just to name a few!

Other than adorning the heads of millions of fashion savvy people, hats have one thing in common: every hat needs a label.

custom beanie tags
Custom Tags for Beanies

Custom Beanie Labels

If you are a hats’ designer; whether it be a beanie or a ball cap, it is important to promote your artistry by complimenting it with a custom label.

To order High Quality Custom Beanie Tags with us by your side is the super easy and cost effective as well.

CC white manhattan fold label

Woven Labels for Hats

Here we are showing just one of the mass of labels we produce for hat companies. UNA, is the name of a hat company in Los Angeles that features a specialty designer that creates both men’s and women’s hats.

The designer’s taste for clean lines and graphic shapes and the mix of unique textures and patterns is evident with each of these incredible hats.

The simple and understated label created for this line of unique hats shows that simplicity is elegant.

Use an Ends-fold label sewn on the side of the hat for your logo or a hem tag wrapping around the edge of the hat for a special touch.

Custom Clothing Labels – Los Angeles

Choose from leather tags, PVC labels or woven clothing labels for the main label. Printed labels for the care instructions and size labels; and hang tags to tell your story

Customer Reviews

  • Woven Labels
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Housewarmings had a very nice experience with Rosana helping us design and facilitate our label order from start to finish. We are very happy with the font, size, colors and stickiness of the label. We will be ordering with you again. Thank you Jennifer
  • Screen Printed Labels
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Sarah was very helpful with our experience and got back to me with all the information I was requesting and gave me updates so often and just went over every step very thoroughly. She was so helpful!! We love our patches! Thank you for all your help!"
  • Woven Labels
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Great service by Rosana i have used this company for all my labels on mutiple brands. They have always gone the extra mile to make sure we are happy with the label and it’s done quickly. Thanks SFindustries"

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