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Custom Embroidered Stickers – Stick on Patches

What are embroidered stickers?  Basically it is an embroidered patch and we place our peel and stick self adhesive backing to the back so it can now be used as an embroidered sticker.

The self adhesive backing is by no means permanent. If you stick it on the product it will stay on. But over time, with wear and exposure, the adhesive will wear off.  If you wash the custom patch, the adhesive will be nonexistent.

Embroidered Patches with Adhesive Backing

Who Uses Custom Sticker Patches?

It is to be used as a very unique and thick embroidered sticker patch!  It can be used as a giveaway at your next trade show or convention. 

People are used to receiving a business cards or vinyl stickers.  This will set you apart from the competition. 

People tend to hold onto the embroidered sticker because it is thick and unique.  It is not thin like a paper flyer or a thin vinyl sticker.

Ordering Custom Adhesive Patches Is Easy With Us By Your Side.

Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Adhesive Patches

Anything you need to know about custom stick on patches (or custom fabric stickers).

What size do my patches need to be?

We can make them in any patch size. We can make your peel-n-stick embroidered patches as small as 7/8″ (0.875in – 22mm), just like the image below:smallest-embroidered-patches

Can I wash my peel-n-stick patches?

We don’t recommend washing the items. As with any adhesive, the stickiness will wear off if washed.

Can I use adhesive backing for my hat patches?

Because of the many materials and shapes, we cannot guarantee it will stay there permanently. We can send you samples for you to test them out. Just ask your Sales Rep.

Let’s Get Started

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  • Embroidered Patches
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