Custom Woven Patches

Our Custom Woven Patches allow high level of detail and clarity. They are ideal for designs with fine lettering and multiple string colors, achieving almost photographic resolution. Promote your brand’s logo with the best quality patches made with avant-guard Industrial Technology.


✍Create One of a kind Woven Patches with Us!

Creating your own personalized woven patch is now easier than ever before. With Sienna Pacific by your side you have plenty of design options.

Almost Photo Quality

Because they are made with thinner threads and with continuous stitching process we can achieve a highly detailed outcome.


Intricate and small fine fonts

Use any font-style, script, handwriting, curly, curvy, text smaller than 11pt. Add your slogan, and even contact information.


Special threads

You can choose to use metallic threads to make your patch stand out (almost like bullion patches). Glow in the dark and reflective threads are also available.


▷ Gradients 

We can weave fake gradients with several shades of string. In the sample above you can see how a dark pink background merge softly into dark blue.

Backing Options

Iron-on backing

Iron-on is often requested, specially for customizing hats. Companies also choose them to make branded jackets, and backpacks.

hook and loop-backing-embroidered
Hook and Loop Backing

If you need to attach and remove them frequently better use hook and loop. This system is extensively used by the military, and law enforcement.

Self Adhesive backing

Also called fabric stickers, these are quite common in the upholstery business especially to tag furniture with a woven patch or label.

Easy 4-Step Ordering Process

1 Free Quote Request. Submit your patch design, quantity, and size needed.

2 Approve. Review & Approve Artwork Proof and Price Quote.

3 Confirm. Billing, Shipping Information & Pre-Production Sample.

4 Order. Final order submitted for production. Timely turnaround.

Embroidered vs Woven Patches

While embroidery have been the norm in custom patches for years, the truth is that sometimes they can be a little sloppy, especially when we talk about small text and details: No one likes those jump stitches! One of the cool advantages of weaving your patch instead of stitching it is that there is no threads sticking out of the design, as the entire design is woven together, like a piece of fabric.

Better readability

The quality of detail provided in woven version of this badge is obvious.

Take note of the text on the inner circle. Woven threads achieve better readability. On the other hand, this is also proof that woven colors can be as vibrant as the embroidered ones. Badges like this look so good with laser cut edge!

custom woven patches vs embroidered patches
✔ Higher image resolution

In this comparison the vibrancy of the thread colors is evident on the embroidered patch, however the image resolution is higher on the woven. The merrow edge compliment the look.

Same Color vibrancy

Color vibrancy is equal in both embroidered patches and woven patches; however fine detail is more prominent on the woven patch. The contrasting merrow edge will make it standout

Advantages of working with us

Friendly Customer Service
PMS Color Matching (up to 12 thread colors)
Maximum patch size: Up to 17in
Unlimited revisions
Minimum quantity – Only 100 pieces!
High Quality Custom Patches
Merrow border for Any Shape

Free Quote Request

Trusted by Great Brands

trusted by many great brands: YMCA, Go Daddy, FBI, CNBC, Dicks sporting goods, Goodwill, Folgers, Genetech
trusted by many great brands: betty crocker, american red cross, Fox News, MTN Dew, Ronald Mc Donald House Charities, KFC, Nativa, blue earth minnesota

Customer Satisfaction

4.8/5 – Based on 1102 Reviews

  • Embroidered Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Always a quality product and reordering is VERY easy!"
  • Woven Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Excellent customer service excellent product, They work to make things right even though it was the customers screw up. Paragon of excellence."
  • PVC Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Great Prices, Fast Service, Fast Shipping, No Funny Business, What you see is what you get. They price they quote is the price we paid. Do Business Here!"

Start designing your patches from a simple template!

You will love the look of our custom woven patches. Just send us your design and size and you will have your patches ready in no time!

Other type of Custom Patches we make

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