Custom Commemorative Coins

Celebrate that milestone with commemorative coins, the high quality of Your coins will be greatly received in celebration of milestones or achievements, anniversaries and loyalty.

Your commemorative coin will create a great impression in your next Corporate, Police Department, Fire Department, Military and Any Government Agency.

Custom Commemorative Coins and Tokens for Your Awards Program

The Best Custom Commemorative Coins

We are best known for creating the finest custom commemorative coins and tokens, ideal for celebrating your special event or to use as a part of your recognition program.

Whether you be thinking in rewarding your employees, encouraging outstanding performance of your students, souvenirs, or in commemorating your company’s anniversary our personalized coins will live up to your expectations.

Let’s Start Creating Your Customized Coins!


Send us your design and the style you like and we we’ll get your coins made right and on time.

Police Coins
Religious Commemorative coins
Religious Commemorative coin, with engraving on back

Sample of Corporate, Military, Law Enforcement & Promotional Coins
Air Force Coin
Poker Coins
custom printed army coins
Printed Army Coins
Polished Silver Coin Sandblast

custom ems coins
EMS Coins

Available Options for Your Commemorative Coin

Our years of experience in custom die making gives us the expertise for generating long lasting impressions. Our custom commemorative coins, medallions and key-tags are hand made and struck from bronze. Plus, with their raised and recessed levels they will look amazing! Then plated in a variety of finishes.

Antique bronze
Antique bronze

Antique Bronze

Antique copper
Antique copper

Antique Copper


Gold Plating


Satin Gold



How to Design Your Custom Coins?

Choose From Any Of These Options

Any Size

As little as 0.5″ or as big as 3.5″.

Any Shape

Use a standard shape or have it made to the shape of your design.

Any Color

No Color, Hard Enamel, Soft Enamel Colors. 4-Color Process & Silkscreen Printing can be used to achieve the best results.

Any Plating

Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper. Add Antique or Sandblast finish. Engraving is available as well.

Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days Sample, 3 Weeks Production
Our custom coins are of the Highest Quality in the Market

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Customer Reviews

  • Custom Commemorative Coins - 2 Sides + Die Struck
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Very satisfied! Thanks"
  • Commemorative Coin - 2 Sides + Die Struck
    55 out of 5 stars
    " Dan was very knowledge and helpful, and very patient as we worked through what we wanted. The coins look amazing! Thank you so much for all your help!"
  • 2 Sides Broze Plating Coins
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Very pleased with the quality of the product and the profession is mod the sales staff. Will definitely do business with them again!!"

Custom Commemorative Coins – Case Studies

custom commemorative coins
Satin Gold Commemorative Coin with 3D Detail

“The coin was breath taking. I gave the Pastor his only private showing of his coin, and it was breath taking. I am sure there are more orders to come. Very professional.”

Dannette Frazier – Bethesda Christian Temple

Our take: This design is exactly what commemorative coins are about, to celebrate someone’s life in a beautiful way.

custom anniversary commemorative coin
Anniversary Commemorative Coin For Lamar University

“Dan always takes care of me in a professional and timely manner even though all my orders are a RUSH.

Dan and the other staff members that I had the pleasure of dealing with took care of me in a very friendly but professional manner. When we ran into snags with design changes from my client, the changes were made quickly. The order arrived on time and our client was very happy with the quality. James @ Cotton Cargo

Our take: Schools such a the Lamar University joined into the commemorative coins frenzy when they created this coin on the 45th Anniversary of their Football Team

Custom High School Medallion

Referred to as a Custom School Double-Sided Coin by our customer this is actually a beautifully made School Medal. It is such a great size that it can double as a key-chain. The loop on top will allow them to use their school medal as a keychain and they will be able to use it for years to come, instead of it being stored some where to never be seen again. Well thought out!

Red and blue designs go very will with antique silver plating, the epoxy will guard those colors from fading thru time, scalloped edge gives it a nice feeling and the size is just right.

We love making our customers’ dreams a reality and it feels good when reality looks this nice.

Custom Martial Arts Medals

This is one of those times where You Know the design your customer wants to use is cool AND You Know the quality and looks of Your Custom Medals is amazing YET you are nonetheless surprised of how cool the final product turned out to be. Speechless.

A large Gold Plated Medal, sandblasted background, with a 3-Dimensional center custom designed and a high contrast ribbon. Beautiful, Impressive.

Great Uses for Commemorative Coins

  • Professional Organizations
    – Police
    – Fire Departments
    – Military Coins
  • Commemorative Coins
    – Anniversary Coins
  • Promotions:
    – Competitions
    – Championships
    – Memorial
  • Awards
    – Years of service
    – Excellence Awards
  • Schools
  • Fundraising
  • Souvenirs
  • Self-Promotion
  • Corporate

About Your Commemorative Coin


Although it depends on what are you going to use the custom coins for
Smaller than 1″. Are used as tokens, or pendants.
Between 1″ and 2″. Used for Wedding Gifts and other giveaways. Gift coins will be the talk of the party.
From 2″ to 2.5″. Work great for Military Units, and Corporate Awards. An award coin will be greatly received.
2.5″ and Larger. Make a big impact on Years of Service Awards.


If you want your coin to look like a piece of jewelry, then you should add sandblasting and maybe even a satin finish.
Otherwise, If you want it to have “character” then you should consider adding an antique finish.


For both custom enamel coins process is here… will allow you to have an almost unlimited amount of colors, (using PMS color matching).
The main difference is the feeling: while hard enamel colors will make custom enamel coins feel solid and smooth to the touch, soft enamel coins colors give you a depth perception, the custom metal coins have a textured feeling, that some enjoy. We can also add an epoxy coating to protect the colors from the elements.
For very small details, you can also have some silkscreen or 4-color process printed on top of a hard enamel base.


A 3D coin die is made by carefully sculpting into the antique brass, while a 2D coin stamped on the brass coins itself.
Your coin can be made completely in a 3D way or it can be mostly stamped and some elements done in 3D. It is up to you and the way you are imagining your coin design.


Your coin can be made in any shape you want: round, square, rounded borders, triangular, hexagon, shield shape… it can even be made to the shape of your design.

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