Self Adhesive Fabric Labels

There is not an easier way to attach your labels to your furniture, mattress, carpets, industrial products and bedding than with Self Adhesive Fabric Labels.

Adhesive Clothing Labels are a great solution for those who have No time to sew but need to add a professional touch to their products.

Self adhesive woven labels
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Our Peel and Stick Fabric Labels are easy come with a protective paper and are easy to apply, just like a normal sticker.

Adhesive or Peel Off Sticker backed labels will be able to survive light hand-washing, but they are not meant for washing machines.

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What Type of Products use Self Adhesive Fabric Labels?

You will often find self-adhesive woven labels on rugs, carpets, upholstery, boxes, shoes and sometimes furniture. They are also a convenient way to add your branding in hard-to-reach or add shapes items.

The best part of ordering stick-on Woven Labels is the ease of application.

Just like putting on a band-aid, just peel off the backing to expose the ‘sticky’ and put it on your item.

If your item is one that will be washed often or you need your labels to be laundry safe, sewing your labels on would be the most practical answer for you.

A common use for this fabric stickers is to cover up care tags, as it is more practical than cutting out the old tags, and sew the new tags on.

Is Adhesive Backing a Permanent Solution?

Do keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution. These self adhesive clothing labels need to be compared to any name badge or band-aide.

They stick well to begin with, but will lose their ability to adhere if exposed to water, the elements, or any re-application.

Adhesive backing will work for you if you don’t intend to have your item laundered or last a lifetime.

What are the benefits to Self Adhesive Backing?

Some customers will order the adhesive backing to hold the label in place while they are sewing it on their garments, if the items are very thick.

Others simply do not want to, nor have the ability to sew on their labels. These are perfect solution for them.

The Limits of Self Adhesive Clothing Labels

Only flat labels can have adhesive backing. It may seem obvious, but we need to point out that if you wanted any fold in your label, you can’t have the label with a self-adhesive back.

The main limitation for adhesive labels is their temporary nature. They are not meant to be a permanent solution for items that are washed often.

If you want to boost the adhesive power of these labels, you can iron them on, this will activate the adhesive material. Or you could just order some iron on labels instead.

The peel-and-stick-on clothing labels work great for glass, leather book binders, metal, etc., this label can last forever.

They are not recommended for clothing or anything exposed to water and wear and tear.

If you like the look of a Woven Damask or Taffeta label, then we can offer you Self Adhesive backing. The satin printed labels or other more delicate labels are just that; potentially too delicate for the self – adhesive medium.

If you would like more information, or have questions about our fabric stickers or the different backings we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would be more than happy to help you determine if your project will benefit from self-adhesive backing.

Please submit a free quote request or contact a sales representative for more information and samples.

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