Design Your Own Patch | The Complete Guide to Custom Patch Design

If you are looking to design your own patch, you are in the right place. We will be talking about sizes, placements, colors, backings and more….

We can provide you with a custom design for your embroidered patch at no cost. In order to help you decide on the elements involved in an embroidered patch order, please follow the following links:

patch design template cover

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    1. The Right Size for Your Patch

    There is no average patch sizes since every patch we create is custom made to order. Our sales reps can offer popular sizes of patches done in the past.  Many times we let the artwork or design idea dictate the size that will work best for your custom embroidered patch.

    Common Standard Patch Sizes

    construction-company-promotional-items-COVER low 2
    Logo patches: 0.5″ – 2.5″
    5 panel hat with woven patch
    Hat patches: 2″- 2.5″
    Ranger Eye Patches: 1″x 1″
    Biker Woven Patches 1/2″- 17″

    The smallest size for embroidered patches we have made is 7/8″ ( 0.875″ – 22mm)

    2. Choosing Colors For Your Patches

    The most common standardized color system in the world is the Pantone Matching System (PMS) widely used in the printing business, which produces chips and booklets made to match your colors to one of their own. We use one of these booklets to match the specified colors and then match to the closest thread/twill color available to us, therefore we cannot guarantee 100% color matching, we can just give you our own closest match.

    Select your Thread and Twill Charts.

    Twill Color Chart

    twill colors

    3. Common Patch Shapes & Templates

    We can make your patches in any shape, even wraparound your patch design!

    However, if you are in need of inspiration or ideas for your patches, we have compiled a little chart of the most common shapes requested.





    Tabs (Squares & Rectangles)






    4. How to Attach Your Patches (Backing Options)

    We have options to choose from for all your patch needs.

    The type of backing you choose for your custom patch order can contribute to the overall cost.

    plain backing or sew-on-backing
    Plain / Sew on backing
    Self-Adhesive Backing
    Iron on Backing

    5. Types Of Borders


    Merrow Border

    Merrow Border (standard) is typical on simple shapes such as round, shield, square or rectangles. This type of border seals the edges of your patch with actual thread by stitching around the edge of the patch from front to back until the entire outer edge has been finished.

    The thinnest Merrow Border possible is 3mm (~1/8″)

    Laser-Cut Border
    Laser Cut

    Laser Cut Border

    It is used if you patch design is geometric or has a complex shape with sharp edges to it. This type of border seals the edges by “heat sealing the patch threads so they are sealed to prevent thread fray. This melted edge is not clear to the naked eye.

    The thinnest Laser Cut Border is 1mm (~3/64″)

    6. Fonts For Small & Medium Size Patches

    6. Fonts For Small &  Medium Size Patches

    When it comes to choosing fonts for small and medium-sized patches, it is important to consider legibility and readability. Here are some good font options:

    1. Arial – This is a versatile and widely-used font that is easy to read at small sizes.
    2. Helvetica – Another popular font that is easy to read, even at small sizes.
    3. Times New Roman – This classic serif font is often used for small text, as its serifs help guide the eye and make the text easier to read.
    4. Verdana – This font was specifically designed to be easily read on screens, so it is a good choice for small patches that will be viewed online.
    5. Calibri – This font is often used in business settings, as it is clean and easy to read, even at small sizes.

    It’s important to note that regardless of which font you choose, the size and spacing of the text is also crucial to ensure that it is legible. Make sure that the text is large enough and spaced out enough to be easily read, even from a distance.

    Let’s Get Started

    If you are thinking about ordering your Custom Patches, just fill out our simple quote request form, our expert Sales Reps will get back to you within 24 business hours and guide you through every step of the process.

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