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With Smooth Glassy Finish or Cloisonné

Custom Hard Enamel Pins are die-struck lapel pins colored using custom mixed hard enamel colors. The liquid mix is melted during the backing process, at a very high temperature. Each color is added and baked individually. The result are custom pins with a smooth feel to the touch, and a glossy finish, avoiding any epoxy coating.

Our versatile design options include custom engraving, PMS color matching, several backings, Metal Platings and Finishes that allow to achieve Jewelry grade pieces (also refered to as cloisonné) with the Highest Quality value.

Custom Hard Enamel Pins

As Low as: $0.75 USD

Custom Hard Enamel Pins supplier

Our Custom Hard Enamel Pins provide a beautiful classic look that exhibits the true detail from the original artwork. We love it when our customers provide art designed especially for hard enamel lapel pins, it does make a difference!

The look of this type of lapel pin is truly rich and eye catching. PMS color chart matching is available for this process.

We are a 20 year old company that is U.S. based with manufacturing facilities located outside of the United States.

Why Make Hard Enamel Pins?

Jewelry quality + Better Display of Small Details + Lead Free

Advantages of working with us

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee. We aren’t happy until You’re happy!
  • Very Low minimums: We accept small order of custom lapel pins. Our minimum is Only 100 Pieces.
  • More value for your money Free Artwork Unlimited Revisions ($70 Value).
  • Fast Production 10 Working Days Standard Production time Rush Service Available.
  • Peace of mind Our Company is located at Carlsbad, California (USA). If you need to contact us, We will be here for you!

Design Options


Image by Rocco Lucia (No changes were made CCby2.0)


We match the color of your logo or art design to the PMS color chart available for hard enamel pins. Each color is added and baked individually.


There are several ways of attaching your pins to the cloth, usign a safety-pin, a magnet, a double pin and different sort of clutches such as: Butterfly, Deluxe or Rubber

platings and finishes

Metal Plating and Finishes

Use the combination that better suits your needs. Platings: Gold, Bronze, Silver, Black, Nickel. 24K Gold or Silver. Imitation or real gemstones are a plus. Finishes: Antique, Sandblasted.

Ordering With Sienna Pacific is Super Easy!

Our exclusive online ordering system of pins include an easy order process.

You call the shots!

Production Process

custom hard enamel pins in 4 easy steps

1 Quote Request. Submit your project’s details: your logo, quantity, size needed.

2 Approve. Review & Approve Artwork Proof and Price Quote.

3 Confirm. Billing, Shipping Information & Pre-Production Sample.

4 Order. Final order submitted for production.

Learn more about How to make Enamel Pins

custom hard enamel pin

Differences between Soft and Hard enamel pins

These pins can be confused at first sight, but besides the material reasons of using hard or soft enamel colors (solid colors vs liquid mix), the main difference is that hard enamel pins are smooth and the soft enamel pins have a texture, raised and recessed areas feeling (unless we are using an epoxy coating to smooth the surface and protect the colors). For some reason, some pin manufacturers call hard enamel pins by the name of cloisonné, but that is misleading, as a cloisonné pin is made with real colored crystals, not man-made ones.

A Hard Enamel Pin For The Republic Of Texas

This lapel pin is a little sample of a very larger of award pins, with several different denominations for the years.

Even if our minimum order is stated as 100, or 50 pins, we can also accommodate smaller orders with little changes like this one.
The little ‘trick’ we did, in order to make produce a classy lapel pin and at the same time make it cost effective, was to struck one design, to use custom hard enamel colors, which provided us with a smooth surface and then print the individual year of service over the hard enamel color.

This is one of the many combinations we come up to help our customers create the highest quality product with excellent perceived value at the best cost.

Reba Alliance – Hard Enamel Pin

These Reba Alliance Pins are a good sample of a two-color combination pin, made with bold designs and a great finish, as our hard enamel pins are the top of the line for lapel pins.

The right combination of style, plating options and finish will depend mostly on the use the lapel will have. In this case, the pins needed to be classy, with a strong and durable feeling, almost jewelry like, therefore the custom hard enamel colors where the no-brainer choice.

If these pins were to be given away, the customer could have chosen a printed pin, or a photo-etched pin style – which are far lighter and thinner than die-struck hard enamel ones-.

But that was not the case, the customer wanted the wearer to make a statement and to carry their logo and message with pride.

We are very happy with the way these pins turned out.

custom hard enamel pins
custom Hard Enamel Pins Manufacturer
Hard Enamel Pin Manufacturer

Customer Reviews

  • Lapel Pins - Die Struck Bronze
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Wow! Excellent service and faster. I love the product. I’m very satisfied, I received more faster than I was expected. Thank you so very much."
  • Hard Enamel Pin - Die Struck Brass
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Dan Greenberg was extremely capable, responsive, and efficient in helping me manage the project. The design team did a great job, and the factory also did excellent work. Pricing was reasonable too. Overall, a superb job."
  • Hard Enamel with Nickel Silver Plating
    55 out of 5 stars
    "They were very helpful and made the product EXACTLY as I wanted it. Any changes were easy to make and they were just a great business. I will definitely purchase something for my next fundraiser."
  • Lapel Pin Die Cast Nickel Plating
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Linx (and Dan in particular) made this process very easy, including all the sharing and refining of my artwork and the answering of my questions. Other providers of similar products and services seemed “sketchy” from the beginning, whereas Linx seemed much more professional."
  • Lapel Pins Die Cast - Black Nickel Plating
    55 out of 5 stars
    "LINX Corporation was extremely easy to work with. From the moment I expressed interest in working with this company, Dan Greenberg took care of everything I needed. Communication was efficient and Dan reassured me that my order would be exactly what I wanted or they would fix it until it was right. The order was delivered in a timely manner, right on schedule. The finished product turned out perfectly."
  • Classic Hard Enamel - Gold Plating
    55 out of 5 stars
    "My experience with Linx was excellent because my Sales Person was a true professional and his customer service was off the chart, to say the least."

What Are The Most Common Uses?

Choose hard enamel pins as the best branding tool for the best looking custom pin:

FAQ About Enamel Pins

How much do custom enamel pins cost?

The price will depend on size, quantity and style. In general rules, the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, costing around $1.50 and the mold will be around $60-80.

How long does it take to make enamel pins?

It varies with each enamel pin maker, but in general the process begins with making the mold (yes, there is a mold fee), which is die-struck by a experienced pin maker, which can take about 1 week, and production can be completed in 3 weeks or less.

What does die-struck mean?

Die-struck refers to the process where the pin design is placed into the metal by using a pre-made die, and stricking it against the metal.

I’m not sure what type of pin I want, can you help?

We sure can! If you are new at ordering custom lapel pins and want some guidance on which pin will work best for your project, give us a call at 888.720.2115 and one of our customer service representatives will gladly consult with you and help you choose the right pin for you.

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