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Make your own custom keychains, branded with your logo with the best keychain maker.

When you want your branding promotion campaign to get the most visibility, you must include a keychain in the selection.
Just think about it: besides a cellphone or a pen, which item do you carry with you at all times? A keychain.

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Promotional Logo Branded Key Chains Are Our Specialty

Promotional Keychain. Sandblasted Gold metal keychain / die Cut keychains

Promotional Keychains

Sandblasted Gold metal keychain / die cut keychains.

Custom Logo Keychain

Custom Logo Keychains / Die Cut Keychains

Silver plated diamond shaped keychain with pink hard enamel color.

Swimwear Logo Keychain

Branded Logo Keychain

Double -sided silver plated round keychain with clear soft enamel and soft rubber PVC insert.

Wedding Keychain.

Wedding Keychain.

Antique silver plating in a round shaped.


Volunteer Keychain

Gold plated with soft enamel colors.

Moon Child Diapers

Horse-shoe Keychain

3D Casted, antique silver plated keychain.


Promotional Logo Keychain.

Silver plated keychain with hard enamel colors.

High School Keychai

High School Keychain

Gold plated with hardenamel colors.

“Great customer service, great value for money, great quality, great everything! – the best keychain maker!
Jan Heidal, Minnessota
“We just got them. Thank you. You guys did an amazing job. They look great.”
Kyle Q., Hermann EMS

Ordering Custom Made Keychains is Easy With Us By Your Side.

Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!

Make Your Own Keychain – Your Order From Start To Finish

custom made keychains - custom metal keychains

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of keychain that will work for your campaign is just a matter of personal preference. If you are here, you decided to look into adding metal keychains to that product selection list.

The great feeling that a metal keychain brings to the table goes beyond the classical, heavy feeling that only a piece of long lasting jewelry can bring. It tells people your company is a long lasting entity.
One that they can trust and will not go and disappear into the nothing. You are as solid as that piece of gold plated metal.

What type of key chains do you make?

We can make your key chains in the best quality metals rubber PVC or even an embroidered patch.
We will help you choose the best style that matches your project, your budget and your needs.

What Options Do I Have for Metal Key chains?

Our metal keychains can be made in any material and plating as our lapel pins, and a little bit more: Silver, Gold, Black Nickel, Bronze, Copper.
You can have any type of colors: soft enamel, hard enamel, full color printed. We can engrave them or customize them by individually printing on them.
They can be die-struck, 3d cast in any shape you can dream of.
The possibilities are almost endless: you can have a rubber insert on one side and an amazing transparent enamel color on the other one, like this one:
If you are unsure of which option is the best one for your project, we can gladly guide you through it.

About Double Sided Key rings

We can make your metal keychain as a one-sided with piece a plain back, or we can engrave something on the back, or even make it double sided, your wishes are our commands.
PVC keychains can have printing on the back, where you can add your website, phone number, slogan or promotion, anything you want.
We can even add a message in the back using laser engraving.
Want a bottle opener on the back? We can do that too!

What is your minimum order for custom keychains?

Despite the production process: die strucking, casting is a very delicate and time-consuming process, we are able to offer our customers with low minimums of 100 keytags. We can in some cases accommodate orders of 50 and up but the price per keychain will be a little high for a promotion.

If you want to promote your business or have a token for which your customers will remember you, then you must order at least 100 pieces to make it successful, and save some money in the process 🙂

What Do I need To Know About Production Process?

The most important thing for us is to produce high quality products that will make our customers happy and keep them coming to us, so we have developed a 100% satisfaction guaranteed ordering process, where you, the customer is in charge:

  1. We receive your information. In order to properly quote  your project, we must know every single detail you can give us: from the basic quantity and size, as to the use or purpose of your project: will you use it as a giveaway? branding? recognition? What is the personality of your company? How do you want your customers to perceive you? Remember creating your own custom design will create innumerable brand impressions, and we want to do it right.
  2. The design of your keychain. Is a very important factor for success. We welcome you to send us anything from a factory ready art, or a Photoshop or picture, even a sketch: if we have your custom designed logo and the wording you want in it, we can put it together for you (and unless it is a very, very complex design, we will do that for free). So go ahead, snap a picture with your phone and send it to us!
  3. Price and Artwork Approval. Using our online system (we also welcome emails and phone calls) as an open communication channel, you and your rep can discuss and review you design and your pricing, until you are satisfied with both of them and ready to order.
  4. Pre-production Sample Approval. This is our favorite part of the ordering process, it is when our customers get to see what their product will look like before full production is done. We get so excited with the anticipation of having an amazing product in our hands, and you will too!.
  5. Full Production. In about 10 working days from your pre-production sample approval, we complete the order and send it to our office in Carlsbad, California, and we will ship it to you as soon as we get it in.
  6. If you have an event. If you have an event or a specific date when you MUST have the keychains in your hands, please let us know as in some cases we can try and speed up our times and make it happen to you, but because the products are made overseas, there are many steps in transport that could possibly impact our delivery dates so we are very careful as to not to commit on what we cannot control. Always talk to your rep.

Our customers love theirs

Custom die cut keychains

Think-of-all Printed Keychains

I chose Excellent because Dan’s service to me throughout the design and ordering process of my precious ‘ThinkOfAll’ keytag was *OffTheScale* (above excellent). Dan was completely professional and patient as he coordinated communication btwn me and his design team to make my silver triangular key-tag exactly as I wanted it.

Dan has always been ‘Impeccably Helpful’. I hope he is paid well at Linx so you get to keep him as your front-man to customers. Dan’s service with my other order has created a lifelong positive memory of your company. I hope to be placing lots more orders from Linx as my biz grows!

Aneta {}

Custom PVC Keychains
Have you thought About Getting Custom PVC Keychains?
Custom PVC Personalized Keychains are ideal promotional items, think of a marketing giveaway. They are a powerful and affordable way to get your business in the hands of your clients on a daily basis.

Satisfied with the way Dan assisted me with my order. The end product is absolutely beautiful. Got many, many comments for recipients and was proud that we delivered a high quality product. Will recommend to anyone who asks.

Harriet J.

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If you are thinking about ordering your custom products, just click on the button below, our expert Sales Reps will get back to your withing 24 business hours and guide you through every step of the process.