Custom Money Clips

custom money clips

When thinking of new ideas to promote your business, consider custom money clips from Sienna Pacific!

Our money clips are the highest quality. They are guaranteed to outlast the money you put in them. Sienna Pacific only offers the best, but it’s not all about the superior quality you get with these fashionable personalized items. It’s about having something branded with your company’s information. The range of options goes as far as your imagination.

Your potential customers will love a custom money clip. Having a money clip keeps your cash more secure, it’s more stylish, and they’re a lot less hulking than most wallets. They also make a perfect gifts for corporate events and corporate appreciation programs.

We can create a complete personalized money clip with your logo, or add a lapel pin style clip to one of our custom clip attachments.

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A Great Promotional Item

What a great way to show the loyalty of your group members than to carry a Money Clip with your Company Logo.

Give them as gifts to reward their loyalty, or to commemorate a special occasion, they will increase your brand recognition and exposure.

Choose from a classic or a contemporary look, make them in silver, gold or bronze.

Or maybe that antique look that gives them that sophisticated look. They will be very well received.

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