Custom Belt Buckles with Your Logo
Custom Belt Buckles with Your Logo

Custom Belt Buckles with Your Logo

Getting custom belt buckles made with your logo is a great way to promote your business, or enhance your team’s uniforms. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. No matter if you’re a man or woman, wealthy or poor, big or small, you probably also wear a belt with those pants.

Whether it’s for a fashion statement, to hold your pants up, or just something you’re used to doing, belts are a must-have with most outfits and most people have more than one.

Custom belt buckles make a great gift for employees, customers and great corporate gifts.

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Raleigh Tactical

“Great communication. Questions answered quickly, and professionally. Product exceeded expectations. Preparing to order more buckles from you soon. Definitely will boost morale of our members, and will give a sharp image for the public to see. “

J. Burns.

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Top 10 Questions About Ordering Belt Buckles

Can I have my Custom Designed Buckle Made?

Getting custom belt buckles with your brand or custom design is not as hard as it sounds. Just fill out the FREE Quote Request Form and upload your artwork, we will get back to you within 1 business day, and will let you know if you unique designs will work well as a buckle or if it has to be modified. But don’t worry, we will always find a solution for your project.

What Type of Belt Buckle do You Offer?

By far the most popular style of silver belt buckles is Antique Silver Finish (Not Sterling Silver). Just look at the pictures above. This process gives them a rustic but elegant and durable look that is our customer’s favorite.
We can also make them in sandblasted look for a more polished look, and add some enamel colors, either soft enamel or hard enamel. We can also create photo belt buckles for wider options and variety of colors.

What’s a common size for buckles?

The most popular size are in between 2.5″ and 4″ wide.

What is a 3D belt buckle?

A 3D buckle refers to the design on the buckle, which looks sculpted, or 3 dimensional, as in realistic. It takes a lot of skill and experience to recreate a design into a beautiful 3D piece.

Why Are Belt Buckles so popular?

We can’t really be certain, but there is something about the Western look of Cowboys, Rodeo and the Texas style that gets the attention of many. Western belt buckles are often used as a symbol of status. They are also very common among police and firefighters.

How long will it take to get my custom belt buckle made?

Making the mold will take about 1 week, and actually manufacturing will take about 3 weeks from mold approval.

What are the most popular types of belt buckles?

Frame-style buckles, Plate-style buckles, Box-out buckles, Box-out buckles,Box-out buckles and Box-out buckles (

Personalized Buckles

You can find customized items wherever you look. You see personalized t-shirts, hats, watches, etc. Rarely do you see custom logo belt buckles. We specialize in providing unique custom products for gifts and promotions. Our design team works directly with you when creating your custom buckles.

Custom belt buckles make a nice gift for anyone, allowing your company to give a gift that the recipient can use for years to come. Our belt buckles are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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    " I recently reordered an product for my organization and LINX Corporation started production right away. We received the product in less than a month of ordering. Dan Greenberg was extremely helpful and had a fast response time. We have recommended LINX Corporation to several of our peers, and will continue to order from them in the future. Thank you for all that you do LINX Corporation! "
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    " Satisfied with the way Dan Greenberg assisted me with my order. The end product is absolutely beautiful. Got many, many comments for recipients and was proud that we delivered a high quality product. Will recommend to anyone who asks."
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    " Dan went above and beyond to help me with my design, options and follow up. Love everything that I received and am already telling others to use Linx for any of their similar needs! Big Fan! "

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