Custom Lapel Pin Gallery

Turn your company logo or custom design into a lapel pin.

For inspiration, please take a look at some of the custom lapel pins we have made for our customers.

unity hospital award pin

Recognition Pins

You appreciate the work your employees do, now let them know with a recognition pin to commemorate their dedication and hard work.


Custom Motorcycle Pins

Let’s create biker pins for your biker club members to display with pride and class, or promote your motorcycle event with a great pin.


Political Pins

Political campaigns are full of a great level of energy, and political pins are a great way for your supporters to show their position to the world.

baseball pins

Sports Pins

lapel pin with your team’s logo is an amazing way for a child to show their team’s pride and maybe even start their own pin collecting pins


College Pins

Custom Lapel Pins are a great way to show their love for your school, spread awareness and motivate and sward your teachers and employees with lapel pins.


Church Pins

Everyone at your church will love to show your support with a religious pin nicely placed in your jacket. Reward church volunteers and supporters (they work for fundraising too).


Breast Cancer Pins

Show your support with a breast cancer ribbon pin. Great for branding, promotional campaigns or giveaways.


Custom Awareness Lapel Pins

Create awareness for your cause and show your support with a custom awareness ribbon pin (they work for fundraising too).