Custom PVC Patches

PVC Patches are an excellent way to show off your logo.. Police, Fire Departments love them!

If you are looking for a high quality waterproof material that will also survive heat and cold temperatures, the right choice to go with, and they are waterproof!

custom pvc patches

Need a Custom Patch?

When is time to get new patches made for your company, police or fire department, you must consider PVC patches, because they are:

  1. Extremely Durable.
  2. Heat and Water proof.
  3. Great with small detail.
  4. Amazing Looking.
  5. Did we mention Amazing Looking?

What Do I Need To Know About Our Rubber Patches?


What is a PVC Patch?

Soft Rubber / PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is molded to any shape and dyed to any color or shade. It allows amazing detail and precision. They are different than with Vinyl Patches, which are just printed on a Vinyl Material. It works perfect for colorful patches with complicated designs with small lines or text. When is time to get new patches made for your company, police or fire department, you must consider PVC patches.

2D vs 3D – What’s the Difference?

By default, your Rubber Patches will appear three dimensional because of the layering. The layers create a raised-recessed texture, where the base serves of support to the other elements which can be in raised (Embossed) or even a recessed (Debossed).

There is a difference in the way we build each layer, called 2D & 3D, and using one instead of the other can make your patch much different:

2D vs 3D rubber
  • 2D Layers: We like to describe this style as a layer where each element has sharp edges and a flat look, just as if it was cut with a knife with a horizontal motion. If you were to look at it from the side, the elements would be on the horizontal plane.
  • 3D Layers: In this case, the elements have a rounded soft edges, resembling real life, they look almost like sculpted. If you were to look at it from the side, the elements would appear to pop above the rest. It is great for globes, guns, faces, bodies.

Every patch can and will have a combination of both 2D & 3D layers. Just let our designers know and they will work the magic for you!


PVC-patch 2d

How Do You Attach a PVC Patch?

  • Sew them on: When you need your patches to be permanently attached to you clothing, hats, jackets..(We provide a little sewing channel that makes it easier).
  • Stick them on:Add adhesive backing to your patches, glue will stick better to non-washable, solid surfaces.
  • Hook & Loop Them: Make your patches easy to attach and remove with Velcro backing. Switch it out or take it off your military, police or fire department uniform before washing it.

(Iron on patches are not possible with rubber, as the material absorbs the heat)

What About the Design, Sizes, Shapes?

There is a difference in the way we build each layer, called 2D & 3D, and using one instead of the other can make your PVC patches much different:

  • Colors: Most designs have anywhere between 2 and 6. We use the PMS color chart matching system for improved accuracy in the manufacturing process. If there is a SOLID color, we will match it as close as possible.
  • Sizes: Anywhere from 0.25″ to 17″.
  • Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, or any shapes that wrap around your design.
  • Thickness: The standard is 2.5mm, but they can be as thin as 1.5mm and up to 4.0mm.

Printing on PVC works great for designs that use gradients or tints.

Who Uses Our Rubber Patches?

Military Units, Police & Fire Departments

Government Agencies, Military Units, Fire & Police Departments and Emergency Services prefer PVC patches for their gear because of their durability.

Military Unit
Police Badge
department rubber patch
Fire Department

Sports Teams

Airsoft Teams, Paintball, Ski and other logo team branding. 

kryptic airsoft  patch

Marketing Agencies

Brand your products with your logo: Events, Tactical Teams, Sub-Contractors, firearms training.

2.5" PVC Patch For Hats - Sew-on - 13719

Order Custom Patches for your Clothing, Hats, Backpacks, Vests…. for anything

custom patch sketch to product

Sample Pricing

3″ Tall, 2D Design. 2 Colors. 2.5 mm Thickness. Plain backing.

Price breakdowns for a patch with the above specs are as follow:

3″ Tall$2.78$2.10$1.85
Mold Charge, $105 (One Time Charge, Good For 2 Years).

We Take The Stress Of Ordering Your PVC Patches Away.

Our online ordering system gives you the control you need. You approve all the way!

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