Kiota Embroidered Patch with Velcro MulticamAs we provide custom embroidered patches to be worn by members of the military, police and fire departments, as well as motorcycle clubs, a lot of times we hear the need of our customers of having Velcro backing to their unit patches.Velcro patches allow you to attach them and removing the easily, which proves useful:

  • No sewing required
  • If you remove the patch from your uniform before washing it, it will last longer (Don’t forget to turn your uniform inside out to prevent the Velcro to attach to other things)
  • You can swap the patches easily

Originally, the Velcro patches were used for the Armed Forces so in the event of a soldier being captured, they could remove them from their uniform (name and rank) as not to pass this information to your enemy.

Some Police Department use Reflective Police Patches with Velcro as well.


Custom Velcro Patches – Gallery

Embroidered Badge Laser Cut

Dogs of Night Embroidered Patch with Velcro Full Color

Eugene Police Embroidered Patch with Velcro

Mortiferum PVC Patch with Velcro Front & Back

Mammoth PVC Patch with Velcro Front & Back

Palantir Embroidered Patch with Velcro Green & Black

Battleffield Vegas PVC Patch with Velcro Multicam Colors

Battleffield Vegas PVC Patch with Velcro Back

3D Marine Brigade Embroidered Patch with Velcro Multicam

3D Marine Brigade Embroidered Patch with Velcro

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Who Uses Custom Uniform Patches with Velcro?

Velcro is very commonly used to attach patches to uniforms and hats:

HIV PVC Patch with Velcro Back View

The Army introduced Velcro patches in the ACU Uniforms, therefore the need of many military units to add Velcro to their uniform patches.

Here are the measurements for the places with Velcro on the ACU Uniforms:

ACU pocket velcro size: 5″ x 3″

ACU pocket flap size: 2″ x 4

ACU Flag Size: 3″ x 2″

Click on the link to view samples of our ACU Patches we have made for your customers.

Can I Only Add Velcro to Embroidered Patches?

No, Velcro can be added to any kind of patch such as: PVC Patches and Woven Patches as well.

Want your velcro patches to have that cool embossed effect? maybe PVC patches are right for your project.

While All PVC products appear to be made in 3D style, the reality is there is a difference between 2D & 3D Styles and it has less to do with the number of layers, but how those layers appear to you. Read our article here.