Glow in the Dark Patches are patches made with special materials that absorb the light, and when the lights are out, they glow until that charge runs out.


There is a certain fascination with Glow in the Dark Patches (G.I.D) in almost everything. From paint to party supplies, from bubbles to cats!
Believe it or not, there is even a song about the ‘GID’ phenomenon.

So should you GID your patch for your tactical uniforms?

We say absolutely!
The GID + PVC combo does present a challenge. Mainly, we need you to keep in mind that the ability to store light is directly proportional with the area exposed.
Or in layman’s terms: Your GID design must be large enough or it will not glow! (or not as bright as you would like)
The good news is that after you are past that small, yet important detail, You are good to go!


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