Custom Jet Tags

Custom Jet Tags and Key Flags
Custom Jet Tags and Key Flags

What is a jet tag?

 A jet tag, also known as a Key Flag, is a small, durable tag typically made from fabric or PVC material. It features custom designs, logos, or text and is used as a keychain or accessory, often representing a brand, team, or event.

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Custom Embroidery Keychains

How to make custom jet tags?

Creating custom jet tags involves selecting a design, shape, and size, then printing or embroidering the chosen artwork onto fabric or PVC material. After adding any desired text or branding, they are cut to shape and finished with a metal eyelet for attachment.

What are jet tags for? 

Jet tags serve various purposes, including brand promotion, team spirit, or event memorabilia. They can also be used for easy identification of keys, luggage, or personal items, making them a versatile and customizable accessory.

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What does remove before flight mean?

“Remove before flight” is a safety warning tag commonly attached to aerospace equipment, indicating that a specific component or cover must be removed before the aircraft can take off safely. It helps prevent accidents by ensuring vital parts are not obstructed.

 What are remove before flight tags for 

 Remove Before Flight tags are essential safety accessories used primarily in aviation to prevent accidental takeoffs with critical components, such as pitot tube covers, still in place. They serve as a visible reminder for ground crew to remove these protective covers before aircraft operations commence, ensuring flight safety.

Custom Embroidered Keychains

Why Choose Custom Jet Tags from Sienna Pacific?

Tailored to Your Preferences

 Our custom jet tags provide you with complete creative control, allowing you to design your keychains with your name, logo, favorite quote, or any design that speaks to you. The options are endless!

Jet Tags in Bulk

For those who need bulk quantities, Sienna Pacific offers custom jet tags at competitive wholesale prices. This option is perfect for businesses, special events, or any occasion where you want to leave a lasting impression.

Budget-Friendly Luxury

We believe that customization should be accessible to everyone. Our custom jet tags combine quality and affordability, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Variety Galore

 Explore a diverse range of options, including custom embroidered jet tags, custom metal keychains, custom fabric keychains, and custom PVC keychains.

Aviation-Inspired Elegance

Embrace the aviation trend with our “Remove Before Flight” style keychains. These tags add an element of excitement and adventure to your keyring.

Patriotic Expression

Demonstrate your patriotism with our American flag jet tags, a perfect addition to any proud American’s keyring.

Jet Tags Pricing

Qty.Unit PriceTotal
50$2.40 $120
100$2.08 $208
250$1.76 $440
Set Up Fee: $40


  • Embroidered Jet Tags
  • 75% coverage
  • 2 Thread Colors Included
  • Basic Metal 30mm ring + Eyelet

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    "The service was exceptional and the product is beyond amazing! I had a custom design that the Linx Corp worked their magic with. Becky and her team were very patient with me and met every request. Their e-mail responses were speedy and they awaiting my feedback way longer than I had to wait for their reply. The mockup was beautiful and exactly how i imaged in (3-level keychain w/ text on back) Keychain was for project classmates and project team members. Product was hit! Thank you very much."


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