PVC Products

For both the small and the big entrepreneur in the clothing and crafts industry, clothing labels can make your business grow and flourish, as a professional looking label, or a combination of them will say a lot about you.


Soft PVC Patches are a perfect for you if you are looking for a waterproof material that can also survive heat and cold temperatures. They will survive almost any type of wear and tear. No more unraveling!


Soft PVC Labels are a truly versatile option for your products, ideal for jackets, bags, backpacks and jeans, providing a unique high-end look.


Custom PVC Keychains are a great marketing giveaway. They are a powerful and affordable way to get your business in the hands of your clients on a daily basis.


Rubber Bracelets are the latest trend for fundraisers, schools, sports teams and other organizations.


PVC Magnets

PVC Magnets can be soft and durable, great for promotions and marketing events. A soft rubber magnet will be a hit for your promotion.


Custom PVC Dog Tags

Soft PVC dog tags provide a very versatile and flexible platform to place your emblem/design, or any other identifying information on.


Custom PVC Coasters

PVC Coasters are often used by bar, restaurants, fraternities and cafe owners to promote their business or organization, they work great as giveaways and everyone loves them!


PVC Zipper Pulls

PVC Zipper Pulls are a good way to show off your company logo or name. Your zipper pull can be made with a 2D or 3D design.