Rosana Levesque

Rosana Levesque Bio

My journey in the branding and promotion industry goes back to my home country of Venezuela, where I co-founded a T-Shirt Manufacturing and Decorating company, which I ran for 3 years until I moved to the United States.  The passion for creating something out of raw materials had found a place to thrive.

When I joined LINX, Dan Greenberg was looking to create a business where he could help the startups and entrepreneurs get custom high-quality branded products that had only been accessible to the larger corporations, in massive quantities, and at accessible prices.

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My technical background as an Engineer and a Programmer has instilled a unique perspective in optimizing internal processes and quality control, and my Marketing skills have been helpful in breaching the gap between people and things and making our communications with our clients timely and as helpful as can be. The challenges never end as society evolves and I am always looking on how to further improve our services.

What sets LINX Corporation apart is our relentless pursuit of innovation.  We are not just a promotional company, we are always looking for the best ways to improve our product offerings to match the needs and wants of our clients, and help them create the products that will match best their company’s personality, the application they will be giving to said product, and their specific time and budget for the project itself.

Even though it has been almost 20 years since I joined LINX, I am still as passionate about helping our clients as I was from day one, and I still get excited to hear back our clients say they love their products and the experience we were able to provide for them.

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