Rosana Levesque

I am passionate about helping our clients create the products that will best match their company’s personality, use, time and budget for the project itself. You can read more about me Here

Glow in The Dark Patches

Elevate your style with Sienna Pacific’s Custom Glow in The Dark Patches! Illuminate your patches collection with our PVC and Embroidered options. Let your designs shine day and night, adding a touch of magic to your brand or personal flair. Explore the enchantment of Sienna Pacific’s custom patches – where creativity meets luminescence! ✨ #GlowInTheDarkPatches #SiennaPacific

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How do I choose the right backing for my custom patch?

Navigate the world of custom patches with our blog post, “How Do I Choose the Right Backing for My Custom Patch?” Uncover the nuances of patch backings, from PVC and Iron-On to Adhesive and Hook and Loop options. Explore the best materials for patches and the process of attaching Hook and Loop for versatile customization. #PatchBackings #CustomPatches #PatchCustomization

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PVC vs Embroidered Patches

Navigate the patch world dilemma with our blog post, “PVC vs. Embroidered Patches: The Ultimate Comparison.” Uncover the distinct features, pros, and cons of PVC and Embroidered patches. Whether you’re seeking durability or intricate detailing, this guide will help you make the right choice for your personalized patches. #PVCPatches #EmbroideredPatches #PatchComparisonGuide

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