Enamel Pin Samples


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Looking for the perfect lapel pin to customize and proudly wear? Then Sienna Pacific has got you covered. For just $0, you can purchase a pack of custom lapel pins samples in both hard and soft enamel styles. This is the perfect way to make sure that your personalized lapel pin design is just right before creating it! The sample pins provide a great opportunity to look at the quality of our pins up close, allowing you to feel confident in your decision when designing your next set of custom lapel pins with Sienna Pacific. With these samples, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!


If you’re looking to create custom lapel pins but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than Sienna Pacific. They have free samples of hard and soft enamel lapel pins for those wishing to make an informed decision about the design for their next custom pins. For just $0 USD, you’ll get an entire pack of samples so that you can make the best possible choice when it comes time to finalize your design. With Sienna Pacific’s high quality samples, deciding on a design has never been easier!

custom-lapel-pinsEnamel Pin Samples
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