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Looking for a custom biker lapel pins supplier? You have come to the right place!

Our friendly customer service will help you go all the way long from a design idea to a high quality finished Motorcycle Enamel Pin. All of this will be done with a good mood and as fast and soft as if you were riding your bike with your folks on the freeway!

Motorcycle Jacket Pins

Motorcycle Lapel Pins

We love making custom biker pins for motorcycle clubs! They are so passionate about this lifestyle that we cannot avoid feeling excited as if receiving the same adventure call.

Similarly to custom motorcycle vest patches, Custom Lapel Pins are often made with the purpose of creating a bond among the members of a club, band or society, identifying them with a common symbol, icon, logo or name

Motorcycle Vest & Jacket Pins

Biker Vest Pins are quite inexpensive; you can easily manage to distribute them in large quantities. Motorcycle vest Pins have a high-perceived value among people, especially if they are designed well and look good.

Custom Biker Club Lapel Pins

Let’s Make Your Biker Pins

We offer a wide variety of design options including:

Pin Design Service
High Quality Lapel Pins with Top Industry Standards
Hard and Soft Custom Enamel
Cost Effective Price
Only 100 pieces min. order!
Die Struck
Unlimited Revisions
Color matching
Plating: Gold / Bronze / Silver / Black Nickel
Finishing touch: antique, sandblasted
Any Size
Materials: Brass/bronze, iron, aluminum, Stainless Steel

Design Options

Use Custom Lapel Pins in your shirt, hats, jackets, tactical gear, anywhere…

Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Soft Enamel Pins

3d Cast Pins

Sandblast Pins

Die-Struck Antique

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Customer Reviews

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  • Lapel Pin
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Easy process, provided help with design. Good service."
  • Lapel Pin 3D
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Excellent product and sales team is always responsive and helpful."
  • Printed Lapel Pin
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Timely service, awesome quality! Highly recommended!"

Let’s Get Started

If you are thinking about ordering your Custom Lapel Pins, just click on the button below, our expert Sales Reps will get back to you within 24 business hours and guide you through every step of the process.

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Learn more about How to make Custom Lapel Pins

Motorcycle Pins and Patches

Motorcycle vest pins and patches are a traditional way to identifying motorcycle club members.

At the Hell Angels, for instance, candidates and prospects who are voted to join the club receive the official club patch as an award at their initiation ceremony. In their slang, the members call this important step as “being patch”.

But make no mistake, the biker patch is like an ID, that is not tottally yours, if you leave the club or are ejected for some reason you must give the motorcycle patches back to the club.

Custom Biker Patches
Custom Jacket Pins
Custom Jacket Pins & Biker Jacket Pins

An Australian member of the Hells Angels (Charter Hells Angels MC Australia); here near Adelaide in April 2008 at a protest event (“Gypsy Joker Protest Run”) by various Australian motorcycle clubs against state requirements or bans. Source: Roy Lister from Salisbury North, South Australia / CC BY

How to order?

Ordering custom motorcycle pins with us by your side is straightforward. Indeed! You can get your pins at your doorstep in 3 simple steps.

  1. Kickstarting with your Custom Pins!

    The first thing you want to do is to request a Free Quote, by filling out a simple form with your projects details: quantity, sizes, logo and/or information you want to include in the artwork.

    If you already have an art design in vectors you will be able to upload it, if not, is alright, just send us your design ideas.

    You will receive a price quote by email within 24h. In the case you agree with the terms just proceed to checkout and kickstart your custom motorcycle pins project!

  2. Riding wisely…

    This is a way to describe the process of checking out your sample.

    Press the brakes or correct it if necessary and hit the gas if you really like the way it looks.

    We won’t run the red light if you don’t completely agree with the way your lapel pin looks like.

  3. Wear your pins and/or patches and enjoy them with your club members!

    We will deliver your custom products in a timely manner.

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