Custom Lapel Pins by Sienna Pacific - Custom Made Logo Pins

Lapel Pins can be customized to suit many needs.

The first step in picking a custom pin is deciding what your needs are. Once this has been established, then it´s time to pick out the best pin for your needs.

Since there are many different options for a pin; Cloisonné, Die Struck Hard or Soft Enamel, Photo Etched etc, it´s best to read the descriptions below to get a better understanding of which pin is will be a perfect fit for you.

Don´t hesitate to call or email us with any questions you might have. We often help guide our customers through the order process and deliver the Custom Pins they always wanted.

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Don't Know Where To Start?

Give Us a Call 1.888.720.2115

Don't Know Where To Start?

Give Us a Call 1.888.720.2115

Top 5 Reasons To Order Custom Lapel Pins from Sienna Pacific

  1. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. We aren’t happy until You’re happy!
  2. Very Low minimums at affordable prices: Our minimums is Only 100 Pieces !!!
  3. More value for your money Free Artwork Revisions ($70 Value).
  4. Fast Production 10 Working Days Standard Production time Rush Service Available.
  5. Peace of mind We are a U.S. Based Company. If you need to contact us, We will be here for you!

Buyer Beware: If you are buying custom lapel pins from a company that does not offer a business address and local contact information, the business may not be legitimate.


Cloisonné Pins

Cloisonné is a true jewelry quality product that are durable and can be used in situations where you want the finest look available.

custom hard enamel lapel pins

Classic Hard Enamel Pins

Classic Hard Enamel pins are eye-catching, vibrant and durable with the luster and richness with the versatility with PMS color matching.

soft enamel lapel pins

Die Struck Embossed Soft Enamel

Struck into bronze, soft enamel colors are hand applied to each emblem then polished and plated with a wide variety of finishes.

photo etched lapel

Etched Soft Enamel (Photo Etched)

Etched lapel pins are an economical option with great quality. They are lighter in weight & allow higher detail on the art.

promotional iron

Promotional Iron

Promotional iron lapel pins are an economical option for a great quality lapel pin.


Offset Printed

When your design has gradients; color on color details required; or when the lapel pin needs to be completely true to the original.

die struck antique

Die Struck Antique

Die struck antique lapel pins have a high perceived value with a lot of versatility and a variety of looks.

die struck sandblast

Die Struck Sandblast

Classy jewelry style pins, they work great for those who need a lapel pin made to impress.

Getting Started

The first step in creating your custom lapel pins is to contact us and one of our sales representatives will review your design with you.
You can fill out our quick quote form or call us at (888) 720-2115. We will suggest the many options available to tailor your design to your needs and budget.

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