How to Display Enamel Pins – Top 10 ways!


There might be countless ways to displaying your pins. Solutions range from simple hanging pieces of fabric to beautiful wood boxes with locker, specially made frames and plexiglass or glass screens. You might be thinking, “do pins really deserve such a holly place?” The thing is, the way you show to others your products adds an additional value to them, and pin collecting is trending, it is often a good idea to lock them down.

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Without any more delay, here you have our the best 10 ways to display you enamel pins!

Top 10 Ideas for displaying your Enamel Pins

Enamel Pin Wall Hanging Organizer Display Banner

1. Enamel Pin Wall Hanging Organizer Display Banner

This tiny banner of about the size of an A4 piece of paper, is made in USA and features a couple of little birch wood planks and a canvas printed with 10 constellations. It can be displayed by hanging it on a nail. The enamel pin organizer has a display area of 8×9 inch, and works also great for Buttons, broaches, Badges, coins, medals or earings. The product is delivered in a lovely package, suitable for gifts.

Enamel Pin Wall Display Banner

2. Enamel Pin Wall Display Banner

This one is made out of strong natural cotton to endure the usage and certainly it can last a lifetime.

You can take advantage of this blank pennant to customize it your way to display not only Lapel Pin Collections but also buttons, medals, earings.

Hanging Wall Banner for Collectibles Enamel Pins

3. Hanging Wall Banner for Collectibles Enamel Pins

This Pin Display Holder is made out of felt (double felt), is strong, long lasting and large enough to show up to 108 pins. You can hang it wherever you want, on a back door, on a wall for decoration or just on your closet bar.

This also called Brooch Storage Organizer works great for Medals, Badges and Buttons Collection.

Hanging Brooch Pin Organizer

4. Hanging Brooch Pin Organizer

This one is quite similar to the previous one, it is also made with double felt only that this is black and a little shorter. It mesures 21.65 x 12.20 inches. Its canvas support up to 96 enamel pins or brooches. Great to display your pin stock on your store or to hang it on a wall in your house for decoration.

Tiny round Enamel Pin Display Holder

5. Tiny round Enamel Pin Display Holder

This Pin Display Board with Stars is suitable for displaying Jewelry such as earrings, charms, rings, or a short Pin Collection.

Its glittering and sparking lookalike black leather canvas can also be used to show up or to store Patches, Emblems, coins or even hair clips or hair accessories.

Rectangular Pin Collect

6. Rectangular Pin Collector’s Display Case

You might not see it because of the angle of the picture but this lapel pin collectors case has a door with a transparent plastic lid which can be easily opened from the front. Additionally it has a compartment at the bottom to keep safe your pin clutches. The area to display your pins allows about 100 small pins or 40-50 large ones, depending on their size. This product is made in the US and features tough high quality materials to last a lifetime.

Besides, this elegant pin display board has a felt-covered backing with handy magnetic closure.

Think about all the Pin Board ideas you can try with it!

4 Pack Cork Bulletin Board 12"X 12"

7. 4 Pack Cork Bulletin Board 12″X 12″

Obviously these cork boards haven’t been made to display only pins, as they are useful in many different ways, to organize your tasks, a project work flow, to display pictures or just notes. However, they can also be used to display your lapel pin growing collection.

Pin Display Case Shadow Box Frame

8. Pin Display Case Shadow Box Frame

Believe it or not the frame of this little pin display case is made out of New Zealand Wood. It features a glass screen to the front, a felt-covered pad where to pin your brooches and a magnetic close.

It provides enough space inside to display up to 50 small enamel pins or about 25 big ones.

Lapel Pin Pins Display Ca

9. Lapel Pins Display Case Cabinet

This Wall Rack Pins Holder give you the possibility to store 100 lapel pins or even more (depending on the size of the pins). As the others presented above, it comes with a ‘pinnable’ background to attach pins, medals, ribbons, or buttons, along with a wood frame. But unlike the others, this one comes with Brass Hinges with Lockable Latches and Keys.

Shadow Box Frame with Linen Back, 8x10 inch

10. Shadow Box Frame with Linen Back, 8×10 inch

And last but not least we have to introduce this elegant yet extremely minimalist case. The frame is made on solid pine wood. It has an acrylic screen at the front to protect the inner items you want to display. The product itself is thought of for displaying memorabilia (photos, awards, medals, medallions). However if you have an awesome collection of pins it can be a good idea to buy one of these.

The magnetic door is the final finishing touch that makes this box stand out from the others.

It can work great as a single pin display case

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