Printed PVC Patches are a versatile medium to bring your creative ideas for your patches to life. Adding the element of printing to your PVC Patches is just one additional step.

It takes the standard mold of PVC, and adds the final element of printing that provides an incredible amount of precise detail to the design.

This is the new favorite addition to the PVC Patch and truly makes the design options unlimited when it comes to finite detail and effects. There is no longer the limitations that some intricate designs have had to adjust to; with the ability to have your PVC Patch molded and printed, those detailed designs are all now achievable.

PVC Printed Label (5)

If you take a look at the “Shake N’ Bake” patch, it is a great example of what printing can add to a patch design. This is a 2-D PVC Patch, with the Wonder Bread Logo on one hat bill and the Old Spice Logo on the other. A straight PVC Patch would not have been able to come up with this level of detail on this patch. Their choice to have their patch molded, then printed with the logo’s on the hats really made this patch have a stronger depth of design.

PVC Printed Label (3)

Take a look at this medical label. The text on the Biolux label is another great example of the detail printing can bring to PVC. This effect could not have been achieved with a mold as the text is very small; but the option of printing on PVC enabled this design to be very successful.

If you are interested in designing a printed PVC Patch; please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will guide you through the process and help to determine if your patch design would benefit from printed PVC.

Printed PVC Patches for Unlimited Design Options

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