10 Promotional Items for Your Music Program

music promotional items

Promotional products for the music industry, also known as music promotional Items, like lapel pins, keychains, charms and patches are ordered with several purposes.

On the one hand a music band is like any other business, if you want to sell it you have to promote it. Even though nowadays online marketing opens awesome opportunities to show up your logo, products and services nothing compares the positive effect and good impression a physical object with the name of your brand or music band can generate on your target audience.

music promotional items

And on the other hand the music industry is not limited to the artists but involve many other proffessions related to the music business, as luthiers, sound engenieers, videographers, musical geer, devices and accesories suppliers, just to name a few out of a much longer list.

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3 Lapel Pins for the Music Industry

Hard and Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are widely used to identify a staff at a music event or concert or to generate a sens of belonging among the members of an orchestra, jazz, rock, pop or hiphop band.

These type of music promotional items can be manufactured with different backing options, platings, finishes, materials, shapes and colors. Here you have 3 samples of custom lapel pins we have made for customers all around the country.

1. Magnetic Lapel Pins for Jazz Fest

San Diego Jazz Fest is a traditional music event that have place at San Diego California once a year since 1980. This magnetic pin was made as a giveaway for the participants.

1.5″ – 4 Color Printed Pin with 1 powerful magnet.

2. Custom Shaped Lapel Pin for Music Band

This beautiful pin made for a music band in Panamá was plated with bronze and cut to shape.

Lapel Pin. Classic Hard Enamel. 4 Colors + Bronze Plating. 1 Butterfly Clutch

3. Bronze Plated Hard Enamel Pin for Jazz Orchestra

Founded back in 1973, the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra is an eclectic jazz band. The year 2013 they celebrated 40 years together. As a way to award themselves they ordered this sort of recognition lapel pin.

Lapel Pin Die Struck Brass Classic Hard Enamel Bronze Plating + 2 Colors Thickness 1.5mm 1 Butterfly Clutch

Custom Lapel Pins

Soft and Hard Enamel, any material, color, size, shape and backing.

4. Music Note Charm for Crafted Beers Brand

We already published a post about Beer Patches and another one about beer promotional items, however, the sample below isn’t in any of these posts because we consider it has more to do with music than with brewery.

Charms “Music Note” Die Cast. Antique Silver. No Color. Loop on top

The client, the Copper Hop is a brewing company and even when crafted beers might not be inside the music industry, in many ways one could say these industries are somehow related or, at least, closely bonded. This beautiful design mix both ideas in a unique custom charm that almost anyone would love to wear.

5. Rock Band PVC Keychains

Bedrock is a covers band that plays all the hits from the 80s and 90s. They play at virtually any kind of event like weddings, birthdays, private parties, at festivals, opening for national acts, casinos, county fairs, charity functions and corporate events for instance.

PVC Keychains 2D Design + 2 Colors. Cut to Shape. Thickness: 4.0mm
1 Sided. Attachments: Loop+Jump Ring+Split Ring

A great way they found for promoting their “rock company” was giving away custom keychains instead of business cards. They chose soft rubber PVC because it gives a young touch, they are bendable and very confortable to have in your pockets. The keychain everyone needs and people carry them anywere so is strategic for promoting your brand.

custom GID keychains

Custom Keychains

The smartest way to follow your customers everywhere

5 Patches for the music Industry

Another way for promoting your music brand is by usign patches. Our custom patches for the music industry can be made out of fabric, leather or PVC with backing options such as iron on in the case of the woven and embroidered ones and with hook and loop backing or peel and stick in the case of the PVC and leather patches.

1. High School Orchestra Woven Patches

Embroidered Patch 75% Coverage, Plastic Backing, Merrow Border

2. High School Orchestra Woven Patches

Woven Patch 75% Coverage. Plastic Backing. Merrow Border

Custom Iron On Patches – Wholesale!

With just a home iron, you can attach your patch to almost any item.

3. Bass Clef Mini PVC Patch

LM Products is a Vintage Guitar Straps manufacturer. They also made keyword stands and other leather goods for the music industry as wallets and briefcases. The patch is a decorative detail for their bass leather straps.

PVC Label. 2D Design + 2 Colors. Sewing Channel. Plain Back

4. PVC Patch for Jazz Band

PVC Patch. 2D Design + 3 Colors. Sewing Channel. Hook and Loop back

5. Gear for Musician Company PVC Patch

Greenchild is a guitar pedal manufacturer. They design and craft high quality gear for musicians with top industry standards. The patch itself have nothing to do with music. However, as they are in the music industry as other brands who want to promote their products and services with giveaways and personalized items like this pvc patch, we think they deserve to be here.

PVC Label 3D Design + 2 Colors. Design at same level as base. Thickness: 3mm Rounded Corner Plain Back No Attachments

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