Custom Fire Department Patches
Custom Fire Department Patches
Custom Fire Department Patches
Custom Fire Department Patches
Custom Fire Department Patches

Custom Fire Department & EMS Patches for your Uniforms

Custom Fire Department Patches

We take the role of providing custom fire department patches seriously and have a proven list of Fire & Law Enforcement Units that count on our patches and emblems to wear on their Firefighter Gear.

Firefighters are some of our bravest men and women in the United States Public Service.

Patches are an integral part of the uniform and they cannot settle for anything less than perfection.

If you want to design and create the perfect custom embroidered patch; you’ve found the right resource in us.

We have a team of experts ready to work with you to create an awesome ems patch your fire rescue unit will be proud to wear.

Your department needs to know that your fire company patches are not only beautifully designed, but also durable and long-lasting. Rest assured in knowing you have put your trust in the right team with Sienna Pacific for your Custom Patches.

Ordering Custom Made Patches Is Easy With Us By Your Side.

Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!

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Great customer service, great value for money, great quality, great everything!

Jan Heidal, Minnessota

“We just got them. Thank you. You guys did an amazing job. They look great.”

Kyle Q., Hermann EMS

Custom Firefighter Patches

fire fighter patches


Our sales reps will help you make the best firefighter patches for your Fire Department. All you have to do is approve along!

Fire department patches are one of the distinct features of a firefighter’s uniform. They need to be easily visible and durable for emergency medical situations.

As Firefighters experience high levels of stress on the job, identification and organization are invaluable.

A patch whether it be embroidered, woven or printed can help identify fire fighters to other fire rescue departments as well as to the public that they are trained professionals to deal with this type of emergency.

As you can view some of the custom patches Linx Corporation has done for fire fighters,

For Suggestions on Design Details You Could Start By Including:

  1. Common Shape: Traditional Maltese Cross or Shield
  2. Common Colors: Red, Yellow and/or Navy Blue
  3. Well Recognized Art: depictions of fire fighting gear, equipment such as fire trucks, fire axes, fire hoses and helmets worn by fire fighters, fire flames, flaming building or any other representations of hazards that fire presents.
  4. Text Ideas: Lettering that spells out jurisdiction and/or number of the fire house is a straightforward way of getting information across. Abbreviations of the force such as LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Dept) or NYFD (New York Fire Dept. Individuals name at bottom of patch are also optional to add

Imagine if you were stuck in a smoke filled building unable to escape, a brightly colored fire patch on the shoulder of a uniform might be the only identifiable object you can see as someone there to help you. That patch could be the identifiable object that aided in saving your life.

These patches can also symbolize moral and pride for a fire department engine.

Another key aspect is these patches will be able to stand up to abuse that regular exposure to fire and smoke will inflict on them. Regular washing is also needed to remove smoke and heat damage.

Please feel free to send us a free quote request and we would be happy to help you design your departments next patches. Read about our government order process here.

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They do an excellent job with the embroidery and I always get exactly what I ordered.
Berta Nicol-Blades.
King County Search and Rescue.
Seattle, Washington

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