Manhattan Fold Labels For T-Shirt Designers


If you are a t-shirt designer who wants to give your shirts a high-end, sophisticated look to your products, manhattan fold labels are your answer.

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up designer or a well-established company, you want your products to compete with other well established brands in the same field-level (or as close as we can get to that).

And how can Manhattan Fold Labels achieve that?

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First and Foremost: What Are Manhattan Fold Labels?

Technically, Manhattan Fold is one of the many types of folds you can apply to a label, it doesn’t matter if they are woven or printed, they are made out of polyester threads, or satin ribbon, or even cotton or a variation of it.

A Manhattan Fold is a combination of a Center Fold and an End-Fold. Take a look at the illustration below.

What Makes a Manhattan Fold so Special?

What sets apart this fold from others is the quality and look of the final product:

  • The Ends, which are exposed are folded, giving it a soft, finished look. (Very important when the label is going to be exposed in the sleeve or the bottom hem of your shirt)
  • They are pre-folded in the center, making it easier, faster for you to apply them to your product.

These Labels are What I Need. Anything Else I need to Know?

There are no cons about Manhattan Fold Labels especially if you are ordering quantities above 2,000 pieces, if you however, are starting up and need only a few hundred labels, then you should check-out the alternative to Manhattan Fold Labels.

How Do I attach Manhattan Fold Labels to My Product?

If You Are Using it as a Shirt Sleeve Label:


If You Are Using it as a Hem Tag or Label


Are There Any Design Limitations or Recommendations For These Labels?

If you look around your closet, or your favorite brands at a store? You will soon get a general idea of what works best and what doesn’t work for these type of labels.

We did our research and this is what we found out:

1-Bold simple logos

2-2 or 3 colors at most

3-1.25″ maximum width for shirt sleeve tags

4- x” maximum width for hem tags

It is obviously up to you to decide what you need to have in your label, in order to achieve your branding and marketing goals, these are just our 2 cents ;).

Visit our custom t-shirt labels page to find out what we can do for you and to view samples of some sleeve and hem tags we have done for our customers

I Am Ready. What is The Next Step?

If you are considering Manhattan Fold Labels for your products, or want to discuss your project with one of our custom labels experts, you can give us a call at 1.888.720.2115 or request a FREE quote.

One of our friendly Sales Reps will contact with you within 24 hours and help you choose the right label for your products, guiding you through each step of the process, from selection, pricing, designing and production of your custom labels.

Let’s Get Started

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