10 Best Beer Patches and Logos to Get Inspired

beer patches cover

Beer Patches can be made with soft rubber PVC, embroidered or woven, with a number of backing options including iron-on. These also called brewery patches are used by brewing companies as a part of their marketing campaigns. Here we offer you a selection of some custom beer patches we have manufactured for customers all across the US. Enjoy it!

beer patches cover

3 Awesome Soft PVC Beer Patches for Brewing Companies

In this first group we included 3 samples of brewery patches made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This type of patches offers a lot of advantages over the classic ones (woven and embroidered), they are flexible and strong, ideal for outdoor gear. You can play with the design options such as 2D and 3D layering to give it a professional look while making some elements outstand from the others.

crusader brewing company logo pvc patch
PVC Patch, 2D Design + 6 Colors, Sewing Channel, Hook and Loop Backing. Size: 2.56″ x 3″

1. Crusader Brewing Co. Rubber Patch

Chris McEnulty and Bailey Hale founded this brewery project with a concept inherited from the ancient Europe original ale. Their name alludes to the catholic religion fights, back in the medieval times when this alcoholic beverage spread out all across the old continent.

The barley ears are a typical element in many brewing brands, the typography is also medieval and the shield framing the entire design fits perfectly into the concept. The final outcome is a beautiful PVC patch their customers will love to wear in hats and jackets.

high ground brewing pvc patch
PVC Patch, 3D Design + 6 Colors, Sewing Channel, Hook and Loop Backing. Size: 2.7″x4″

2. High Ground Brewing 3D PVC Beer Patch

The head of the bold eagle is the main simplified logo of this company run by a a family of military veterans. Notice that the shape of the patch follows the design and is not framed in any geometrical figure or shield.

There is a shield, yes, but located in the middle, as protecting the hop fruit or lupulo, the center of this great business. Regarding the 3D design, you can see it on the titles which stand out from the rest with curved edges, a nice detail that gives the patch an incredible look.

PVC Patch 2D and Design + 2 Colors, Sewing Channel, Hook and Loop Backing

3. Print Shop Beer Company Patch

As a part of its marketing campaign this crafted beer seller decided to order simple soft rubber beer patches with their logo but in a smart way.

Instead of making just one type of patch they ordered 4 different variations with the same mold. Remember that making the mold is one of the things that rise the price of PVC patches.

However, our recommendation is always to take advantage of the same cast and try several color combinations. This is a clever idea specially when you want to adapt your patch to a set of color pallets.

7 Woven Beer Patches for Brewery Success

Additionally we wanted to display here a number of woven patches we have been honored to make for other beer makers brands in the US. This will be helpful for you if planning your own patch, as you will be able to know some of the design options for custom woven patches.

Flathead Lake Brewing Co. Custom Woven Patch
Woven Patch “Large”, 5 Thread Colors, Backing: Iron On, Border: Merrow. Size: 3.75″ x 1.75″

1. Flathead Lake Brewing Co. Custom Woven Patch

Founded in 2004 by Greg Johnston, this Montana’s beer have won a couple of World Beer Cup awards.

Not only have they being awarded by the quality of their products flavor but they are also very into a green concept and they are becoming a sustainable brewing company.

The design of the patch is simple, as they are located in front of the Flathead lake (the largest freshwater lake in the West) they just took this beautiful landscape as their logo.

woven-brewery patch
Woven Patch, Up To 8 Thread Colors, Backing: Plain, Border: Merrow. Size: 4″ x 3″

2. Societe Brewing Co. Custom Woven Patch

This brand has a one of its kind concept. Based in the old fashioned style of the XIX century, the Societe Brewing offers beers named as the Dandy, the Madame, the Butcher and the Journeyman referring to typical vintage characters.

The black and white colors and typography resembles the old school newspapers made in antique printing presses.

woven-brewery patch
Woven Patch, Up to 8 Thread Colors, Backing: Plain, Border: Merrow. Size: 4.5″ x 1.75″

3. Mad Swede Brewing Co. Custom Woven Patch

Right from the Viking universe we bring you this other brewery founded by Jerry and Susie Larson.

This couple with more than 30 years of experience experimenting with beers flavors and process, came up with this fantastic idea as adventurers in the quest for new lands and new worlds, hence the adjective of mad.

When talking about beers, everything related with craziness sounds good and attracts people, so it fits with the target audience. The patch design is again very simple, this time using the color green to stress some important elements and to give contrast.

Woven Patch, 2 thread colors, Backing: Iron on, Border: Merrow. Size: 2.25″ round

4. Burgeon Beer Co. Custom Woven Iron On Patch

This one is from Carlsbad California, our homeland (as Linx Corp.). The beer patch is round shaped and quite simple. They, as the most of our customers, didn’t have to hire a special graphic designer, they just sent us their logo and we do the rest. Although the logo is very simple, it says a lot, we can easily distinguish a glass of beer with roots, it let us know their name, and where are they located, that’s enough. Then you can sew it on or iron them on (both is better) to any type of clothes or apparel you want to display it.

Woven Patch, Up to 8 thread colors, Backing: Iron on, Border: Merrow. Size: 3.25”x2.25”

5. Enter Night Pilsner Custom Woven Beer Patch

A funny design that resembles the Metallica logo, alluding to hard rock or metal, focusing in an very specific target related to the darkness and the devil, very easy to understand. This is not a company name but a product one. In fact this beer was actually brewed in collaboration with Metallica. The fans of this immortal rock band will certainly want to have one as a piece of their collection at least.

Beer Patches-FactoryProof-woven-patch-for-brewing
Woven Patch, Up to 8 Thread Colors, Backing: Iron On, Border: Merrow. Size: 1.9″ x 2.625″

7. Map Brewing Co. Custom Woven Patch

And last but not least we have listed this woven beer patch which seed was born in Montana too. As we have seen so far brewing is almost always a passion more than a business, and this is not an exception. This award winning company is run by 4 guys (like a classic rock band), the brewer (Doug Child), the owners ( Patrick Kainz and Shenan Rodman) and the seller (Howie Moore). The mountains and the beer fruit (hop or lupulo) are again the main elements in the logo.

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