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When Fire Departments recognize the dedication of their service men and women and their outstanding commitment to serve, they often use a Commendation Bars Program that can be as easy or as hard as you can imagine.

Whether you are working a new or an already established Commendation Bar Program, we can help you create it, we’ll make your Firefighter Commendation Bars something your Department will be proud of.

Firefighter Commendation Bars

Commendation bars are displayed on uniforms proudly by firefighters.

If you are unsure about what a citation bar is, and how is it different from a lapel pin, just think about a rectangular-shaped lapel pin that is about 1 3/8″ x 3/8″ and slightly thicker than a pin, about 1/16″ (~2mm). They are commonly used to award and commemorate individuals who belong to a Law Enforcement Agency (they are also very commonly used for Fire Departments) for both their service and their accomplishments. They imply Rank and command respect.

Fire Department Commendation Bars Meaning

Sometimes officers deserve commendation because of an outstanding performance or important achievement, this is one of the ways to reward them.

There are many reasons why city agencies, and fire departments use commendation bars:

  • Certification awards for firefighters, medics, divers, mental health officers, FBI, HAZMAT, Crime Scene Investigator, EMT, firearms,
  • Years of Service Awards: 5, 10 ,15, 20 years of service.
  • Recognition Award Bars: Medal of Honor, Police and Fire Medal of Valor, Lifesaving, Officer of the year, Rookie of the Year, Purple Heart, Sheriff’s Award
  • Legion of Honor, Civic Achievement.
  • or just make a courtesy mini badge

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