Custom Velcro Patches

Use them in your hats, jackets, tactical gear, backpacks, anywhere…

custom velcro patches - embroidered, pvc, woven

Which Patch Style is Right For You?


With shiny polyester threads and a nice weight, this classic style will translate your logo nicely, and your uniforms will look great.

  • Size:  1/2″-18″
  • Min Qty.: 100 Embroidered Patches.
  • Borders: Merrow Border / Laser Cut
  • Backings: None, Iron-on, Velcro, Adhesive
  • Special Colors: Metallic Threads, Glow in the Dark thread colors, Reflective Twill background.
  • Sample Time: 1 week
  • Production Time: 3 weeks
  • Setup Fee: No Setup Fee
  • Turnaround Time: 4 weeks


The best choice for your tactical gear, PVC will resist any abuse, and its vibrant colors will outlive your clothing. And No threads that get stuck everywhere.

  • Size:  1/2″-18″
  • Min Qty.: 100 PVC Patches.
  • Borders: N/A
  • Backings: None, Velcro, Adhesive
  • Special Colors: Glow in the Dark.
  • Sample Time: 1 week
  • Production Time: 3 weeks
  • Setup Fee: $65 and up
  • Turnaround Time: 4-6 weeks


Great for designs with very small details. Matte thread colors give them a special look and feel. No jump-stitching so your small text will look clean and legible.

  • Size:  1/2″-18″
  • Min Qty.: 100 Woven Patches.
  • Borders: Merrow Border / Laser Cut
  • Backings: None, Iron-on, Velcro, Adhesive
  • Special Colors: None.
  • Sample Time: 2-5 days
  • Production Time: 2-3 weeks
  • Setup Fee: $40
  • Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks
As we provide custom embroidered patches to be worn by members of the military, police and fire departments, as well as motorcycle clubs, a lot of times we hear the need of our customers of having Velcro backing to their unit patches.Velcro patches allow you to attach them and removing the easily, which proves useful:

  • No sewing required
  • If you remove the patch from your uniform before washing it, it will last longer (Don’t forget to turn your uniform inside out to prevent the Velcro to attach to other things)
  • You can swap the patches easily

Some Police Department use Reflective Police Patches with Velcro as well.

Originally, Velcro patches were used for the Armed Forces so in the event of a soldier being captured, they could remove them from their uniform (name and rank) as not to pass this information to your enemy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Velcro Backed Patches

Who Uses Custom Uniform Patches with Velcro?

custom velcro patches for hats
Velcro is very commonly used to attach patches to uniforms and hats:

What Are The Most Common Sizes?

The Army introduced Velcro (Hook and Loop) in the ACU Uniforms, therefore the need of many military units to add Velcro to their uniform patches.

Patch Sizes for Military Uniforms
Here are the measurements for the places with Velcro on the ACU Uniforms:

ACU pocket velcro size: 5″ x 3″

ACU pocket flap size: 2″ x 4

ACU Flag Size: 3″ x 2″

Patch Sizes for Tactical Hats
Usually the Loop Area on Hats is about the size of a standard American Flag Patch, 3″x2.5″.
So we recommend our customers to stick with this as the maximum size for your custom Velcro hat patches.

Patch Sizes for Jacket’s Shoulders?
Again, the recommended size for a shoulder patch will be determined by the loop area on the shoulder of your jacket.
The largest size will be around 3.5″ wide by 4″ tall, but the common size is between 3″-4″ in height.

Patch Sizes for Tactical Vests
Almost anything goes here.
The multiple loop ribbons on your vest allow you to add multiple patches, from the smallest ranger eyes, blood type, thru all the morale patches you can find.

Can I Only Add Velcro to Embroidered Patches?

No, Velcro can be added to any kind of patch such as: PVC Patches and Woven Patches as well.

Do I have to Stick to Common Patch Shapes, or Can I my patch wrap around my design?

No, Velcro can be added to any kind of patch such as: PVC Patches and Woven Patches as well.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Patches Made?

The shape of your patch can be anything you want. From a simple square rectangle or circle, to a shield or rocker shape, or even wrap-around your custom patches designed. Everything is custom made.

Do you ship to APOs?

Yes we do.

I don’t need 100 patches, can I order 50 or 20?

Due to the high quality and attention to detail we put in our patches, and the time it takes to setup, digitize or mold/making, and the manufacturing processes, it is almost impossible for us to offer competitive prices at quantities less than 100 custom patches, in any of our patch styles.

Nothing Beats the Convenience of a Hook and Loop Patch

How to Order Custom Velcro Patches – From Start To Finish

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What Are Other Ways of Attaching Your Patch to Your Items?