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We provide Top Quality Hook and Loop Patches to law enforcement agencies, members of the military, police, fire departments and EMS, motorcycle clubs, sport teams and academies, Boy Scouts and private companies as well.

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Why using Hook and Loop Patches?

Great for your hats, jackets, tactical gear, backpacks, anywhere…

Many customers prefer Hook and Loop backing for their patches uniforms because they are easy to attach and remove, which proves useful. Some of the advantages custom hook and loop patches offer are:

custom hook and loop-patches-embroidered-pvc-woven
No sewing required.
If you remove the patch from your uniform before washing it, it will last . (Don’t forget to turn your uniform inside out to prevent the Hook and Loop to attach to other things)
You can swap them easily.
Some Police Department use Reflective Police Patches with Hook and Loop as well.

Which Patch Style Is Right For You?

The patches come with a hook-and-loop backing that makes them easy to attach and remove. The hooks on the back of the patch grip onto the loops on the surface of the fabric, keeping the patch in place. When you want to remove the patch, simply peel it off of the surface.

Trusted by Great Brands

trusted by many great brands: YMCA, Go Daddy, FBI, CNBC, Dicks sporting goods, Goodwill, Folgers, Genetech and more

Customer Reviews

  • Embroidered Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "Great product and awesome customer service. They have swift replies and kept an open line of communication at all times."
  • Woven Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "LINX customer service is great. They are quick to respond to questions and very supportive. The ordering process is easy and I appreciate being able to view the proof of the product before it goes into production. We enjoy using LINX for all our label needs!"
  • PVC Patch
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    "Rosanna!! Thank you so much for taking such great care of our orders. Our product is always perfect!! Linx and Rosana are the best!!"

Patch Sizes for Military Uniforms

In recent years the Army introduced Hook and Loop (Hook and Loop) patches in the ACU Uniforms.

Here are the measurements for the different placements:

ACU pocket size: 5″ x 3″ / Pocket flap size: 2″ x 4 / ACU Flag Size: 3″ x 2″.


For Tactical Hats

Usually the Loop Area on Hats is about the size of a standard American Flag Patch, 3″x2.5″.

For Jackets

Again, the recommended size for a shoulder patch will be determined by the loop area on the shoulder of your jacket.
The largest size will be around 3.5″ wide by 4″ tall, but the common size is between 3″-4″ in height.

army unit patches
custom-badge-patches for tactical vests

For Tactical Vests

Almost anything goes here.
The multiple loop ribbons on your vest allow you to add several badges, from the smallest ranger eyes, blood type, thru all the morale ones you can find.

For Backpacks

Displaying your logo on backpacks is easy using the hook and loop fastener system. Give them away to your loyal customers and let them hang around showing up your brand in a natural, organic way, all over the city. Later on, please let us know how it went. Most customers used to get impressive marketing results after that.

Custom Hook and Loop Patches for Backpacks

Most Common Uses

At Sienna Pacific we are proud of being a reliable supplier of this kind of military insignia for more than two decades, not only for Army Units, but also for all the other U.S corps.

Hook & Loop tags are used by the Armed Forces so in the event of a soldier being captured, they can remove them from their uniform (name and rank) as not to pass this information to the enemy.Check out our extensive sample gallery.

By the type of content

American Flag
Biker Name
Blood Type Morale Patch
Blood Type Morale

Any Organization…

By the type of garment or gear


for Jackets


for Vests

hook and loop patches for backpacks

for Backpacks


Can I add Hook and Loop to Embroidered Patches?

Yes, Hook and Loop can be added to any kind of patch such as: PVC, and Woven as well.

What is the Difference Between Hook and Loop and Hook and Loop?

They are both a system of fastening, where there is a rough side called the hook and a soft side called the loop. Hook and Loop is the most popular Brand of these type of fasteners.

How Do You Use Hook and Loop?

The most practical way to use hook and loop is to attach, via adhesive or by sewing, the soft side called the loop on the item that will “stay” in place like the vest or jacket, and the hook side to the other side, in this case the patch. Done this way, you can still wash you jacket or vest without having the hook get stuck to other pieces.

How do You Attach Hook and Loop to a Patch?

The most common and secure way of doing this is by sewing the loop side to the item: hat, jacket, vest, backpack AND sewing the hook side to the back of your patch.


Your order can be ready within 15-20 business days since approval of sample. High quality production takes time!

What type of border do you offer?

It will depend on the style you choose to have made. Embroidered and Woven ones can have Merrow Border or Laser Cut Borders (Hot cut Borders).

What are the other ways to attach a patch?

You can learn them all on our article about how to attach patches to almost anything.

These are other types of backings different than hook and loop fasteners:

Iron on,
– Self Adhesive / Peel and Stick Backing, also called (Custom Fabric Stickers),
– Plain backing

Can I wrap my patch around my design?

The shape of your patch can be anything you want. From a standard shape: square rectangle or circle, to a shield or rocker shape, or even wrap-around your design. Everything is custom made.


Yes, you can design your own patch, and we can help you make it just perfect. Just send us your logo, design or sketch, and we will guide you thru the process.


Feel free to send us any high resolution JPG, PNG, GIF or PSD files any other Vector format file.


Yes we do. Ask Our Customer Service Reps about our Military Discounts. Read about our government order process

How To Order

1 Quote request Fill out a quote form including logo, quantity, size.

2 Approval. Review & Approve Artwork Proof and Price Quote

3 Confirmation Billing, Shipping Information & Pre-Production Sample.

4 Delivery. Order sent to production. Turnaround time 3-4 weeks.

Let’s Get Started

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