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We supply and manufacture lapel pins ideal for your political campaign, or to raise awareness for your cause.

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Most Popular Political Lapel Pins

Political Lapel Pins
Political Lapel Pins

Anyone looking for political lapel pins will inevitable enter the world of the shopping places, whether the intend to or not. For example if you type in political lapel pins in a search engine, you will find the following  categories:

  • Old (Vintage) Political Party Lapel Pins: For those who like to collect pins from past elections. Some of those include: GoldWater,  Ike Dwight Eisenhower,  Wendell Willkie, Kennedy, 1940’s Dewey,  1964 Wayne Lustig
  • Democrat & Republican Lapel Pins: For those who want to make a statement of their political tendencies. The most common designs: Donkey, Elephants
  • US Flag Lapel Pins: For those who like to display their favorite symbol of patriotism.
  • Vote Lapel Pins: For those who wish to motivate others to vote.

While this is not a complete list, it does represent the majority of sub-themes inside the political lapel pins world of today’s marketplace.

Traditionally, Political Pins range in size form 1” to 1.25” in diameter. Most designs use 7-9 colors Gold, Silver or Black Nickel plating. In some cases a nice epoxy dome makes the colors pop out.

For instance, Political Lapel Pins are used for Staff Members and Poll Workers who have a high public profile with the media and the general public. The look of the Political lapel pin is more sophisticated than using the large campaign buttons.

The Political Lapel Pin can also be used for fund raising incentives; if it’s a nice looking piece your recipients will wear them with pride.

During your promotional efforts lapel pins can be given as a thank you for donating to your cause. As a results, The Lapel Pin will be received thinking you care enough to acknowledge their donation of time or money.

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Political Campaign Buttons and Pins

” Abraham Lincoln was the first president to use these items strategically as a campaign tool in the 1860 presidential election. At that time, buttons were created by using a tintype or ferrotype photo process “. However the first buttons used by George Washington and they read “Long Live the President.” (Read more at History of Political Campaign Buttons)

Since then, many presidential candidates has used buttons and pins as a way to promote their campaigns, for example:

  • Dukakis / Bentsen in ’88 – “American Needs New Leadership”
  • Bush Quayle in ’92 – “Victory in ’92”
  • Doyle – Kemp in ’96 – “Time for a Change”
  • Al Gore in 2000 – “Vote for The Best”
  • Kerry / Edwards in 2004 – “Taking America Forward”
  • Obama / Biden in 2008 – “Change We Can Believe In”
  • Obama in 2012 – “Yes We Can! – Again”
  • Hillary Clinton in 2016 – “My Body – My Choice – My Vote”
  • Donald Trump in 2020 – “Make America Great Again… Again”

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