Custom Memorial Pins

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Black Awareness Ribbon Pins

Memorial pins are often used to honor someone or to remember a tragic event.

When family and loved ones leave earlier than anticipated or in a tragic way, it is not uncommon to find people who want to make a statement with lapel pins, stickers, banners, shirts and other promotional products, it is sometimes their way to cope with the loss and at the same time let the world know that their loss won’t be in vain.

It is then when we get the requests for custom memorial pins, stickers, patches and more.

An ongoing trend in the last few years is using ribbon lapel pins, most commonly used for awareness and other causes, customized with the person’s name and or date, and sometimes the reason of the loss.


Memorial Lapel Pins

Black Awareness Ribbon Heart Pins Memories can give some console during times of mourning and lapel pins can help to remind and to tribute our loved ones.
The color of the ribbon can be black for mourning or any other color based on the reason of the loss.
Having being in the position of losing family members, we can tell that these promotional items when used as a clothing accessory, can make people feel closer to those they have lost, and in the case of lapel pins, you can wear them close to your heart, just as we like them to be.

The following history is a good example how custom memorial lapel pins can help not only to honor a hero but to fundraise for a good cause at the same time.

It’s about a police officer in Ontario who was killed in the line of duty. A local businessman decided to purchase commemorative lapel pins for the members of the police service and also sell them to set up a special trust for the family of the fallen officer.

‘I had the opportunity to view the funeral of Sgt. Russell, and quite frankly I was taken back by the whole event,’ said Brown, managing partner of Bridgeview Marina and operator of Sarnia Bay Marina. ‘I wanted to do something to support the family, and at the same time, honor the police officers in our community.’ The Observer –

To read more please visit The Observer.

In the case you are looking to create memorial pins, we can help you: we have 3 sizes of ribbon pins in stock: 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″, which can be filled in with the color of your choosing and we can print your message for just a little setup fee. In quantities starting at 100 pieces, it can be quite accessible, and perhaps even used as a fundraising tool towards the cause of your liking.