Dog Patches are Ideal for Dog Vests, Dog Promotional Products, Pet Trade Shows and Custom Pet Products. Patches for dog vests are used to identify large dogs and small ones with a logo or ID, and can be made out of different materials.

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Dog Patches Materials and Backing Options

Although Soft Rubber PVC is the last trend for this kind of dog patches, you can also choose to order fabric ones, whether embroidered or woven.

Consider that while the velcro backing is available for all of them, iron on works only for fabric patches.

Here you have several galleries with samples of dog patches we have made for customers here in the US for you to get inspired.

Dog Patches
“Suzi Q the Service Dog” in Finland. Suzi Q wears a waterproof underjacket and a brightly colored, light-reflective service jacket. “Don’t Pet Me –I’m Working” and “Service Dog” patches are emblazoned on the service jacket. The jacket has a padded chest strap and pockets for carrying small items, such as the service dog’s passport. The collar has a flashing red neon light that can be turned on when walking in the dark, and on the leash, a small light also flashes (Scandinavian countries experience long periods of darkness). Though the jacket says “Don’t Pet Me –I’m Working” all service dogs should know the command “Say hello” to allow approaches of strangers, when necessary, for petting and handling, especially when going through airports where patdowns are necessary. Source: TruehistoryjvbaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Velcro Dog Patches

Dog Patches with Velcro Backing are commonly ordered by foundations, NGO’s, private companies, agencies or departments that manage some kind of working dogs or train them. They are easy to put on vests that come with an adjustable strap and are dog comfortable.

Logos & Dog ID Patches can be attached to custom printed pet promotional merchandise in many ways, but one of the smartest options available is using this hook and loop system suitable for a wide variety of pet promotional items. In addition, Velcro Dog Patches are very useful at pet expos and related events as an easy way to tag Promotional Dog Apparel and Pet Clothing.

Velcro PVC Dog Patches

Velcro Embroidered and Woven Dog Patches

Velcro backing is also available for fabric patches and they are very popular among the military and police units and law enforcement agencies in general.

PVC Patches with plain backing

Custom Service Dog Patches, Pet Labels and Pet Patches can be made with plain backing. In the case of the PVC ones adding a sewing channel is almost mandatory whether you be thinking in attaching them by hand or using a sewing machine.

Fun pet patches made out of this soft rubber material are suitable for small dogs, therapy dogs and for heavy duty canines.

Embroidered and Woven Dog Patches

If it is thrue that PVC is best for outdoor gear being more resistant and water proof, the classic embroidered and woven patches have other advantages. One of them is they can be ironed on (with the proper backing), in order to attach the path very fast to hats, jackets and almost any other kind of clothings.

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