Police Commendation Bars

Police Commendation Bars – Let’s Celebrate Their Service


There is no better way to recognize the bravery of our service men and women than to present them with an award or honorary metal. Citation Bars have a long history with our Military, Police and Fire Fighters; but it is also becoming more commonplace to create a Citation Bar to commemorate a hero, a milestone or an event.

Police Service Award Bars

Here is a just a brief list of reasons people have designed Citation Bars:

  • The Heroes of September 11, World Trade Center Bombing
  • Hurricane Katrina & other Natural Disasters
  • Memorial Walks, Runs or Rides
  • Training Awards
  • Certification Awards
  • Unit Awards
  • Educational Awards
  • Volunteer Service Awards


Thank you? This are a great way to recognize acts of volunteerism and show your appreciation.

Congratulations? This is a fantastic way to commemorate a milestone, and honor an accomplishment.

Welcome? This is a meaningful way to welcome new members to your organization.

We Miss You? This is a unified way to show your respect and honor for a memorial event.

The opportunities and reasons for creating your own Citation Bar are endless, and that is what we are here to help you realize. Please contact us to help you design and create your own unique and meaningful commendation bar. As you can see, the reasons are endless. It’s about the design and purpose that we will help you with.

Let’s Get Started

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