3D PVC Patch vs 2D PVC Patch

You are creating a custom PVC patch for your group or organization and you want it to stand out.

You want people to look at it and say: Wow! That is a very neat patch!

Truth is, if you want your PVC patches to impress others, you might have heard (or not) about the 3D (three dimensional) approach.

In order to establish the difference between a 3D vs a 2D PVC patch, we will begin by defining what a 2D PVC Patch is and what it looks like…

2D PVC Patches

When we talk about a 2-Dimensional PVC patch, we are referring to a patch which can have 2 or more layers (or levels) and when looked at on a side view, each of the levels look flat, no roundness or curvy feeling to it…

As a picture speaks more than 1,000 words, let’s take a look at it:

In this picture you can see how the darker tan or medium brown layer is supporting the entire patch, this is called the “Base Layer”, is to this layer that the Velcro backing is sew-in to, when requested by the customer. If you look closely the tan color is sitting on top of the “Base Layer”, producing a relief effect, where if you pass your hand through the top of the patch, you will feel the “texture” created by these two-layered accommodation.

This is another arrangement possible when working with PVC molding products: the ability of create a debossed layer and give the patch or label a smooth surface, let’s take a look: The black is the “Base Layer”, supporting the PVC patch; the yellow and the white designs were “carved” in the black layer, the colors were then “poured” into this area, just enough so the top of the the yellow and white are at the same level as the black, making it smooth to the touch.

3D PVC Patches

When we talk about a 3-Dimensional PVC patch, we are referring to a patch which can have 2 or more layers (or levels) and when looked at on a side view, there is one or more level with a concave shape on the top of the layer, it can be perceived as rounded or curvy …

Again, let’s take a look at some pictures of 3D PVC Patches:

This picture shows a typical arrangement of a PVC patch: a 2D or Flat “Base Layer” (Dark Gray) and then some 2-Dimensional (Light Gray) and 3-Dimensional elements sitting on top of this base layer (Black and White Text). The convexity of the 3D Elements can be appreciated from this angle, they are very rounded and “puffy”.

In this 3d patch, we find a black “Base Layer” with a second layer composed of one color (Red), in the 3-Dimensional fashion. A convex, soft, rounded feeling that pops at first sight .

What Now? How Do I Know if a 3D or a 2D Patch is Right For Me?

There is no way for us to tell you if a three-dimensional look will favor your design or not, without first looking at it. Some designs can look great, and some others do not benefit as much from a 3D look.

And considering a Three-Dimensional Mold will cost anywhere from 25-40% more than a Two-Dimensional one, you will have to outweigh the cost-value benefits of giving your pvc patch an “upgrade”.

There is no rule that a 3D approach is the only way to order to create a unique, eye-popping, cool pvc patch, this can also be done by using 2 or 3 or 4 2-D PVC layers.

If you are note sure which style will make your design look better, just give us a call 1.888.720.2115 or email us sales2 at linxcorp.us and we will guide you through the process.