Martial Arts Patches
Martial Arts Patches

Martial Arts Patches

Martial arts participants have always used embroidered patches on their uniforms.

The embroidered patches show their accomplishments and triumphs throughout their career, karate patches are displayed with pride and honor.
Choosing the right company when manufacturing your martial arts patches will determine the quality of patch you will get.

Sienna Pacific counts with friendly customer service, experience designers and patch makers that will be available to you from the day you request your quote until the day you receive your patches, to ensure you are getting the best quality and 100% satisfaction.

Just send us your club or organization idea or logo and we will work with you until you are satisfied with the looks of it.

Ordering Custom Made Patches Is Easy With Us By Your Side.

Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!

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Woven Patches For Your Martial Arts Program

woven patches for martial art program

Custom Woven patch is the  perfect solution to help not only grow your Martial Arts program but provide motivation and morale to  your students.

Motivation is what makes us want to do something to be successful. It is the difference between doing a task with enthusiasm, giving 100% with a good attitude, versus just doing the bare minimum with a bad attitude.
The Martial Arts disciplines whether it be MMA, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Aikio or other programs all use motivation as a key component to achieve retention and skill mastery.

Similar to Scout Merit Badges , Martial Arts patches have the same ideology. but for Martial Artists.

Students within martial art programs undergo periodic testing and grading from their teacher in order to advance to a higher level of recognized achievement. The type of testing usually varies from system to system but motivation to receive a different belt color, title or patch is rewarding.

Creating A Patch For Your Karate Uniform: Where To Start?

Woven Patches are without a doubt the best option for a martial arts patch compared to embroidered.

We advise a a Woven over Embroidered patch because:
  1. The Thread is thinner on a Woven Patch that will provide a more slender look to the entire patch
  2. Achieve more fine details: We are able to focus and feature especially small graphic details and fine lettering that embroidered cannot reach.
  3. Size Patch: Due to the material and production process, this patch can be made much smaller without loosing the integrity of the design.

The most common size martial arts patch is 3-3.5′

The use of different colors is  a great way to signify  various achievements or mastery of a specific skill or progression.

The most visible spots for woven patches can be worn on uniforms, sport jackets and/or bags.

Even the martial arts program can benefit from the great branding of these flag patches to get people to notice your discipline.

Students will be motivated to achieve these patches getting them more involved in and committed to the program. Teachers and parents will also be able to watch their pupil/ childs visual sign of progress in patches along with there excitement.

Check out this Hapkido Warrior Patch. The details in the Chinese letters is excellent and that patch is light weight feeling so that when sewn onto a uniform will feel like nothing allowing the student to focus on the instructor rather than patch.

How Can We Help You Create An Awesome Patch?

Our highly qualified art department is happy to help you revise your design or create your own design that will proudly represent your Martial Arts program. Send us your artwork or existing patch sample that you want created into a custom woven patch and we will show you the rest. Its that simple.

Let’s Get Started

If you are thinking about ordering your custom products, just click on the button below, our expert Sales Reps will get back to you within 24 business hours and guide you through every step of the process.

Our Ordering Process – From Start To Finish

custom patches design to product

1 Quote Request. Submit your project’s details: your logo, quantity, size needed.

2 Approve. Review & Approve Artwork Proof and Price Quote.

3 Confirm. Billing, Shipping Information & Pre-Production Sample.

4 Order. Final order submitted for production.