What are Laser Cut Patches?

When choosing the appropriate custom patch style, sometimes you hear: laser cut patches but, what are they exactly?

Basically, when manufacturing a custom made patch, the edges need to be sealed in order for the patch to keep its shape, and be resistant to the different conditions it will be in.

To achieve this, you have 2 options.


Merrow Border Patches

Having a border at the end of your patch, like this one, which is called merrow border, or


Laser Cut Patches

Having your patch’s edges laser cut to its custom shape.

See, there is no sewn border on these patches, and it dependes on the look and feel you want them to have. Having your custom made patch laser cut will add only 10 cents per patch to your price.

Patches can be made in any size, shape, material, colors… hundreds of combinations that will help you in creating the right custom made patch for your club or organization.

You can have a laser cut border added to: embroidered patches, woven patches and printed patches.


Custom Laser Cut Patches: Kastari

In this opportunity, we thought it would be great to show the progression of a patch from sketch, design through final product.

We chose this laser cut patch because it just looks great! It is to our eyes the poster child of the possibilities of laser cut patches the intricate shape and the quality of the detail.

Die-cut patches (also called die cut patches) can be a little tricky to design, especially those from very intricate designs, as much as we would like to provide every little in-and-out of the design, somethings are just impossible for the machine to do.

Usually you start with the main design, and then you need to add a background, similar to a mat, where the design will be sitting, in this case we used a very subtle white color to unify the design throughout  the die cut shape.

Kudos to the production team, as the final die cut patch turned out great.

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