Employee Recognition Pins

Employee recognition is an area where almost every forward looking company has ventured into. As a small firm or enterprise, you might feel that you can’t venture into an employee recognition award program because it might cost you money in the form of special bonuses or incentives.

However, there are much easier and less expensive ways to keep your employees happy, one of these is using employee recognition pins from Linx Corporation.

If you do not have a logo, or are running short of employee recognition pin ideas, then don’t worry, the designers at Linx Corporation can help you design the perfect Lapel Pin with a number of design ideas for creating your employee award pins.

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Why Should You Have An Employee Recognition Program?

Just as good as a pat in the back can be, having an employee recognition program will work much better, as appreciation is fundamental for us human beings.
People want to be respected and feel appreciated, their contributions valued for the effort they put into accomplishing them.
Employee recognition can:

  • Create a greater employee satisfaction, which will make your employees spend more time being productive instead of combative and complainers.
  • Increase individual and team productivity, the more appreciated they feel, the better they will work to received more appreciation.
  • Improve communication, by letting individuals andteams know how can they do their job better.
  • Enhanced team work cohesion, they will help each others, as their performance as a team will reflect on each one of them.
  • Increase employee retention, a happy and productive employee is a keeper, less time finding and training new employees.

How To Use Lapel Pins To Make Your Employees Feel Valued and Motivated?

Create a special event to celebrate the occassion. Public praise is a known motivator, it will increase their value among their peers. The event can celebrate employee’s continued service with a special years of service lapel pin as well as other performance achievements such as service, performance, safety and productivity rewards, all in the form of lapel pins that will convey a clear message to everyone who sees them: I am a valued employee!.