Cloisonné Lapel Pins

Custom Cloisonne Pins

Cloisonne Pins are considered almost art and or jewelry quality, they are durable and show substantial detail with clarity.

Our Highest Quality Cloisonné Pins are strong and showcase detail very well. They can be crafted into custom shapes and colored with more than 100 hues.

They can be made into custom shapes and have a high perceived value. Choose from 144 colors using a glass mixture that is fired onto the final pin.

How are Custom Cloisonne Pins made?

The process we use today to make custom cloisonné have its origins on times of the ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty, centuries ago.

This process is considered an art and it involve the use of a die with the shape of your pin design and a glass gravel or glass powder which, when mixed with water in a proper manner, generates a paste better known as “frit”.

Once the frit is done, the manufacturers use it to color fill the recessed areas and bake it at a high temperatures in order to melt it. Polishing and finishes come later to give the pin an optimal look.

cloisonne enamel decoration

Incense Burner (Lu) in the Form of an Ancient Ritual Tripod (Liding) with Floral Scrolls. China, Chinese, Middle Ming dynasty, about 1450-1550.

Tools and Equipment: Burners, cast bronze with cloisonné enamel decoration. 4 1/4 x 4 1/2 in. (10.8 x 11.43 cm) Gift of Taft and Rita Schreiber (M.73.95) Chinese Art. Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Public domain

Cloisonne Pins Design Options

design options
Stainless Steel
Black Nickel
To make your pins really valuable ask for our 24K Gold or Silver.
Imitation or real gemstones are a plus.

Backing Options

The most popular way of attaching lapel pins is by using one or two pin-backs (to fix it and to avoid the pin rotation), hence its name. However, some people prefer to use safety-pins, self-adhesive or magnetic backing. It’s up to you! The pin backs can have 3 types of clutches:

  • Butterfly clutch (silver or gold)
  • Deluxe clutch
  • Rubber clutch
backing options for cloisonne pins
For more design options visit How to make Enamel Pins

Let’s Make Your Custom Cloisonne Pins

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Customer Reviews

  • Cloisonne Lapel Pin
    55 out of 5 stars
    "The patches we ordered came out great and the service was impeccable. We needed to edit one of them and they responded within 24 hours to change the order. We even received the order earlier than expected. 10/10 would recommend."
  • Lapel Pin - Classic Hard Enamel
    55 out of 5 stars
    " I really enjoyed working with Dan, who was incredibly helpful in all stages of the project. We are just sending out our 50 year alumni pins to the Class of 1970 this week. We had, of course, planned a formal pinning ceremony as part of our Commencement Exercises, but that is now not possible, so we are mailing them instead to our alums. We were all very pleased with the pins, and it was a pleasure working with Dan."
  • Lapel Pin - Die Cast
    55 out of 5 stars
    "My experience with Linx was excellent because my Sales Person was a true professional and his customer service was off the chart, to say the least."

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