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We are best known for creating the finest custom made metal products.


Our years of experience in custom die making gives us the expertise in making lasting impressions.

Our die struck corporate coins are hand crafted and struck from bronze, then plated in a variety of finishes.

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Sanblasted Gold Coin for Lamar University

“Dan always takes care of me in a professional and timely manner even though all my orders are a RUSH.

I have always received a timely response to orders or questions.

They took care of my order and answered all questions in a timely manner.

Dan and the other staff members that I had the pleasure of dealing with took care of me in a very friendly but professional manner. When we ran into snags with changes from my client, the changes were made quickly. The order arrived on time and our client was very happy with the quality. James @ Cotton Cargo

Quick responses, keeps in touch, works with us to resolve issues, etc.

5 STARS! Dan always jumps through hoops to take care of our requests and meeting in-hands dates.

James – Cotton Cargo