Woven Labels for Dog Collars

One of the most common accessories customers purchase for their dogs are collars, in any size shape and color. With studs, rhinestones and many other decorations. But they are small. Sometimes too small for all the information we “need” to have there.

Although sometimes a challenge, it can be done. You can have a professional logo label for your business that will be durable and will represent your business in the way you want.

Ordering Custom Woven Labels is Easy With Us By Your Side.

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Nice Dog Collar Labels

Nice Dog Collar Labels

Creating a “very” small woven label for your brand

We get a lot of requests from designers of pet’s clothing and especially dog collars. Hey we love our pets and we love buying them stuff! Especially when it is beautiful and unique.

We know our customers have worked very hard planning every single detail of their branding and products to make them just perfect! And after falling in love with their designs and logos, it is not always easy to hear anyone saying:

“Hey, in order to make your design work for your woven labels, we will need to modify your logo!”

Say What?

We are sorry to say that sometimes we need to adapt to what life brings us (Especially if we want to be somewhat practical). To be a little more specific, even with our FREE 8 Thread Colors included in our incredible prices, sometimes our customer’s logos have 12 colors, or have gradients, or just have tiny little detail that won’t even be perceptible at 0.5″ tall!

We are sure your logo looks great at 10″ tall but do you really want to go thru the trouble of paying extra money for a little hint of a different shade that nobody will notice?  It is not that we deliberately try to make you change your design, but we consider ourselves business your partners so if your labels can look great at 8 colors, why go thru the trouble and extra expense of making it 12 colors? We want to keep your business so we are betting on your success:

If we can help you stay in business and be profitable: We will!

Now let’s take a look at some beautiful labels we’ve designed for our pet designers:
Give us a call and we will help you and make the process ordering your custom woven labels easy… and remember we also have hang tags, stickers and lapel pins, which can all be used to promote your business…

Must Love Dogs

If you like fashion, you know that clothing labels are an clear way to identify your favorite brand or designer. So why not give your pet its own accessories to show off. Pet accessories have become a huge trend in consumer society. The most common pet accessories out there include: clothes, collars, pillow beds, toys etc. Why not custom your accessory creations with an unforgettable woven label that will identify you the design and where your customers can get those products.

For people who create and sell pet accessories, custom woven labels are the perfect final addition that takes your products from homemade to doggie couture.

Unlike printed, woven labels are ideal for pet accessories because they will not fade and have a durability to hold up against the lifestyle of your pets.

Our examples show the wide variety of pet accessories and ideas out there ready to be recognized.

We offer 2 different kinds of woven labels: Taffeta or Damask quality. Our taffeta woven labels use 50 Denier thread vs. Damask of 80 Denier thread. Both are excellent options but the Taffeta is slightly less expensive than Damask if you are just starting out and want to display your products with your information attached.

Whatever your pet accessory you have created, adding a custom woven clothing label to your add to your products is the perfect way to give your creations that professional touch that tells your customers to come back every time they need things for their beloved “Fluffy” or “Spot”.

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