Custom Fabric Labels for Handmade Items

Custom fabric labels for handmade items are key to brand your goods with your personal finishing touch.

No matter if you are an occasional designer, Labels for Clothing are essential to identify that purse or apron you have created.

Personalized labels give your customers the opportunity to tell anyone who love that hat or jacket you produced with your own hands who made it and where to find you.

custom fabric labels for handmade items
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Custom Clothing Labels Design Options

If you are selling handmade items or other products that require custom labels, it is important to choose the right type of label for your needs. There are many different options available, including woven labels, printed labels, leather labels, and cotton labels. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the nature of your products.

  • Woven labels are a popular choice for high-end fashion items such as shirts, dresses, and sweaters. Made from woven fabric such as cotton or polyester and featuring intricate designs, woven labels give a polished and professional appearance to any item. They also tend to be fairly durable, so they are a good choice if you expect your products to face regular wear and tear.
  • Printed labels are another popular choice for many types of products. These labels can be made from paper, vinyl, or other materials and often feature colorful designs or eye-catching logos. They may also include detailed product information such as care instructions or other details relevant to your customers. While they do not always have the same level of durability as woven labels, printed labels can provide an attractive finishing touch to any product.
  • Printed Cotton Labels Made from soft natural cotton, they are available in either white or natural color. You can also choose to have them printed in PMS colors to match your branding. These labels are perfect for placing on all natural, 100% cotton goods such as purses and jackets.

Backing Options

Sewing Labels for Handmade Items
Sewing Labels for Handmade Items

Our Sales Representatives will help you determining the best label for your treasures. Certain items may be best suited for a woven damask label, and some may be better suited for a printed satin label. Whatever your products are, we will have an option for you that will provide you that unique and professional look.

If this is the first time you are getting custom woven labels for your handmade products, don’t worry, you are in good hands, our expert sales reps will guide you thru the process: from choosing the appropriate label for your product, art and label design, pre-production sample and shipping to your location.

What is the most common design for Labels of Handmade Items?

The beauty of ordering custom fabric labels for handmade items is that there is no common design. The labels can be as creative and bright or simple and subdued as you want.

Many small designers like to add an extra, “Handmade with Love by _______,” or “Created for ________”. Often they simply put their name in their favorite script or in their own handwriting.

The options are pretty limitless and we are more than happy to work with you to create the perfect labels tags for you.

Handmade labels for Crochet & Knitting

What Should My Label Say?

Other than your business information and logo so people can order from you; another popular thing to do is use the label to raise awareness about your product line and tell your story.

Many custom designers of baby clothes recognize not every family can afford to buy what they offer; however, their customers all LOVE the idea that part of their proceeds go to benefit charitable organizations that directly help the children. If this is a passion of yours as well; the label is a great place to share your vision.

Do I Need a Separate Care Label?

A care label is common on clothing as they stress how to care for the garment. The problem with baby clothing is many don’t want a large label or too many labels.

A great solution is a center-folded label, or the simple care instructions of “100% Cotton, Handle with Care” written underneath the branding logo or company name.

There are no laws or rules to govern what has to be written on the actual label. Keep it simple! In fact, we have seen care labels for babies that simply stated, “Please remove baby before washing.” Cute idea and definitely proof they think outside the box and have a creative line of clothes.

What Type of Fabric Labels Do I Need?

It’s really important to think about more than what your label should say. You need to consider the type of label that will best support your designs and image for your company.

There are several options for baby clothing.

Often designers lean towards printed satin labels, due to how thin they are and the soft texture next to the skin. This would be true for all the ‘next to the skin’ items, such as onesies, custom diapers, etc. For most clothing items we lean more toward suggesting woven damask labels.

These have an edge to them because you can incorporate up to 8 colors in your design and they can be works of art themselves. Options are limitless with a woven damask label. Also very soft to the touch, they are the most common label on baby/children’s clothing.

New trend – You will find on many baby sweaters, outerwear, t-shirts and pants that the labels are being sewn on the outside of the garment on all 4 sides. Enhancing the unique look of the garment and not bringing the label next to the babies skin.

Since handmade items are often made with premium fabrics, they are already providing comfort and durability far beyond the quality of their mass-produced counterparts. The added feature of a professionally designed Custom Woven Label can do nothing but enhance your one-of-a-kind item.

Will my Fabric Label be Durable Enough to Handle the Wear & Tear of my Handmade Items?

We focus on creating the highest quality fabric labels available. Depending upon what accessory you are labeling, we will be able to discuss with you your options on the different types of labels we supply. Most of the concern would not be on the quality of the label, but more on how the label is affixed to the item. This will be an important consideration as we create your labels, and our expert staff will be able to help you make that decision.

Do I Really Need Fabric Labels for my Handmade Items?

Using Labels to brand your clothing line is very important. This is the number one way to set yourself apart from your competition. Not only does it let people know how to find you; it also shows a strong level of professionalism and industry status.

There is no smart artist who doesn’t sign their work, no chef who doesn’t put their name on the front of their cook-books, and no clothing designers who don’t label their designs. The same is true for your masterpieces; they should be labeled to showcase your business!

If you would like to know more about custom fabric labels for handmade items, please visit our custom woven labels webpage. There are many examples of pet labels in our woven damask label picture galleries as well. If you are ready to start designing your label; please give us a call or start fill out our Quote Request form and we will get you started.

Order Custom Woven Labels for Handmade Items

Start your labels for handmade clothing project today!! Our exclusive online ordering system makes it easy to be in control of your order process. You call the shots!


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    "Dan went above and beyond to help with our custom order of square coins. With multiple design alterations and requesting different pricing options and just great communication he really hit a home run with us. It’s tradition to give out medallions for graduation in our industry so this was a big project to find the right place but sentimentally these coins are an even bigger deal to us and our patients. When the coins arrived we were overjoyed at how perfectly they turned out! We will definitely be ordering more in the future!"
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  • PVC Label
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