Woven Clothing Labels: Taffeta vs Damask

From the pictures you can notice how the Damask Labels have the possibility to achieve much more definition and clear lines: this is due to the use of thinner threads and a tighter weave; The Taffeta Labels’s lines are more jagged.

Both types of labels have its own uses: taffeta labels are an inexpensive option for bolder logos and fonts; damask labels are recommended for thinner more intricate designs.

Damask vs Taffeta

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Taffeta Label

Damask Label- Fronts vs Back

Damask Label

Taffeta Label Fronts vs Back

Damask Woven Labels

Notice the definition of the labels, the designs look compact, crisp.
woven-damask-sankofa damask label evan d'arpino photography

damask label bea goffney

Taffeta Woven Labels

What is taffeta?In taffeta woven labels, thicker threads are used, and the stitches are more spaced out, looking a little bit “pixeled”. You can see the separation if stitches.