Woven Clothing Labels: Taffeta vs Damask

From the pictures you can notice how the Damask Labels have the possibility to achieve much more definition and clear lines: this is due to the use of thinner threads and a tighter weave; The Taffeta Labels’s lines are more jagged.

Both types of labels have its own uses: taffeta labels are an inexpensive option for bolder logos and fonts; damask labels are recommended for thinner more intricate designs.

Damask vs Taffeta

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Taffeta Label

Taffeta Label Fronts vs Back

Damask Label

Damask Label- Fronts vs Back

Damask Woven Labels

Taffeta Woven Labels

What is taffeta?In taffeta woven labels, thicker threads are used, and the stitches are more spaced out, looking a little bit “pixeled”. You can see the separation if stitches.