Custom Labels for Carpets and Rugs
Custom Labels for Carpets and Rugs
Custom Labels for Carpets and Rugs
Custom Labels for Carpets and Rugs
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    label woven carpets rugs rug label

Rug Labels & Carpet Labels – Our Top Pick: Woven Labels

Carpet Labels and Rugs Labels Suppliers

We provide custom Carpet Labels and Rug Labels made out of different materials, such as fabric in the case of Woven labels and paper, in the case of Tyvek Tags.

In order to avoid the label to fall off, we offer an Iron-on, heat-seal backing ideal to identify your Carpets and Rugs. The heat will make the adhesive of the label bond better than a regular peel-and-stick backing.

Carpet Iron-on labels are a canvas to convey your message or to put your signature to your product giving you the chance of doing it in a gorgeous and durable way.

Ordering Carpet Labels is easier with us by your side!

While an elegant carpet label will be part of your product for years, hang tags will be removed and thrown away the moment your customer use your custom product for the first time. Here you have some other features we offer:

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Our Customer Speak About Their Rug Labels

Meet our customer and the beautiful damask clothing labels we created for them.

“Ramri Rugs creates beautiful handmade carpets made only from the finest materials of the Far East. Each masterpiece is hand-knitted by artisans in Nepal in the traditional Tibetan methods.” –

About Us Ramrirugs

Please note how the label’s design compliment very well and matches the handmade and artisan look of their products. And that’s something that you may want to consider when creating labels for your designs.

Rug Tags

Khiva Fine Rugs from Panama were seeking 3.5 x 5” cloth labels that could be sewn onto their fine handmade carpets. They were looking for a good material that had an upscale look and feel.

Carpet Tags

HighCountryRugs have continued to manufacture their rug labels with us, this time with a white background, same 4″x4″ size, and easy to sew background.


 This label is an example of a great feature that is often requested by our carpet customers: the ability to write the name of the customers, date of production, product model , and other important features they can think of on them with a sharpie

Let’s get your Labels Designed to Match Your Needs

The custom labels you attach to your products become part of your image and the identity you’re portraying to your customers. There are several varieties of carpet label material, from raw material printed labels to damask clothing labels, you’ll sure find the perfect style for you!

Digital Printing
Die Cutting
100 pieces minimum only
Friendly Customer Service
Unlimited revisions
High Quality and Satisfaction guaranteed

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Our Labels Production Process – From Start To Finish

woven labels

1 Quote Request. Submit your project’s details. Make sure to include your logo, quantity, size needed.

2 Approve. Review & Approve Artwork Proof and Price Quote.

3 Confirm. Billing, Shipping Information & Pre-Production Sample.

4 Order. Final order submitted for production.